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Anne Marie Casey

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Anne Marie Casey

Distance Library Services
Copyright ©  Anne Marie Casey. Used with permission.
star  Date of Speech - October 4, 2001.
star  Length of Speech - 120 minutes.
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Anne Marie Casey is the Director of the Off-Campus Library Services at the Central Michigan University, Mt. Pleasant, Michigan.

In the last decade, more and more institutions of higher education have begun to bring degree programs to students away from their campuses. These programs include face-to-face classes at satellite locations, ITV or video classes, and increasingly, online classes. Off-Campus students are entitled to equivalent library services to those students who take classes on campus within easy reach of the campus libraries.

Academic libraries have devised a variety of systems to provide appropriate services to their distance students. In this presentation, Ms Casey will provide a brief overview of the different types of services available to off-campus students. Following that, she will discuss Off-Campus Library Services (OCLS) at Central Michigan University. For 25 years, OCLS has provided services to students taking classes in over 75 centers throughout North America and online. In addition, OCLS sponsors the biennial Off-Campus Library Services Conferences.

Finally, Ms Casey will touch on the activities of the Distance Learning Section (DLS) of ACRL. Founded 11 years ago to answer the needs of librarians serving distance-learning students, DLS is consistently the fastest growing seciton of ACRL.

Throughout her presentation, Ms Casey will touch on the unique challenges librarians face in serving students by phone, mail, and the World Wide Web and the creative solutions they devise to ensure equivalent services to distance students. She will also provide a select bibliography

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