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Charge of the Colloquium Committee


The Library Colloquium Committee is responsible for organizing an annual series of talks or seminars on current topics deemed significant to the Library and Information Science profession, or the Library's collections and services.  Speakers will address topics of national or international interest to the profession.

Potential speakers may include Library faculty (the Colloquium Committee will coordinate Library faculty speakers with the Research and Publications Committee), faculty or professionals from other units on campus, and faculty or professionals from off campus.  The Chair of the Committee should be an experienced librarian who has some knowledge of possible speakers.  The Chair of the Committee will solicit suggestions on an annual basis for speakers from the Library faculty at large.  The Chair is also responsible for publicity, taking care of arrangements for speakers, and promptly paying bills and honorarium.

Financial support for costs incurred for travel, accommodation and refreshments for the Colloquium series will be provided annually by the Library. The resources provided will determine the scope of the series. Preferably, talks will not occur during the lunch hour. 


The Committee shall include five members including both experienced and new librarians who are appointed by the University Librarian in consultation with the Executive Committee, with the chair selected by the University Librarian. Committee members serve a two-year staggered term, and may be appointed to one successive term. 


 Chatham Ewing, chair (08/15/12)
*Atoma Batoma (08/15/12)
 Harriett Green (08/15/12)
 Michael Robak (08/15/11)
 Joyce Wright (08/15/11)

* Second term