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WAG Minutes - August 23, 2013

Aug 26, 2013

Minutes - Web Advisory Group

August 23, 2013 - 10:30am-12:00pm

Main Library 230B





  1. SharePoint Update
    • The committee will have a test and active SharePoint site.
    • Robert will send the SharePoint URL.
    • Two features:
      • Calendar – Will display meetings, which can be automatically updated from Outlook with some accounts; committee members can edit SharePoint calendar directly
      • Discussions – Committee members can receive email notifications; Robert plans to include a voting feature in the future
  2. Graphic Designer
    • John Wilkin is interested in the library website and what can be done to improve it.
    • Library IT has already put forward requests for the hiring plan for user experience and web development positions.
    • WAG should determine if the Library needs help with graphic design and/or user experience.  To accomplish this, WAG will conduct a needs assessment to better understand what type of work needs to be done and what expertise is needed.  Jen will lead the needs assessment, and she will contact key Library faculty and staff to gather input.
  3. New CMS Template
    • The work on the new template was initiated by the Web Content Working Group.
    • Uni High Library is a beta tester of new template (
    • Features/Differences of new template:
      • Sidebars run the length of the page
      • Responsive design – Pages display differently for different size screens; content changes/rearranges on very small screens
      • Units can include name in header, and still in breadcrumbs
      • Web comment contact in footer is now a block of text, rather than a single line
      • Timeline – Will make the template available for people to try and provide feedback on, but will make it clear that it may not be long-term solution, because changes made to the main Library Gateway by a graphic designer/user experience specialist may lead to changes of the template.
      • Robert would like a team to conduct user testing between the current site and new template.
      • The committee also discussed web design best practices and checklists, and quality checks of webpages.
  4. Specific Feedback/Change Requests
    • Special Collections & Services – Jenny Johnson is working on suggestions for revising the content on the Special Collections & Services tab.
    • Books Tab – For searches with too many or too few results, E-Journals and Databases are at the top, which is confusing for user.  Primo All is also included.  WAG will request Jason and Bill Mischo to remove these.  A separate question is whether the Book tab should point to Easy Search or Voyager.
    • RefWorks – WAG decided not to make any changes to the placement or destination of the RefWorks links.
    • Ad Space (lower right box) – New content could come from the digital signage, although the content would need to be edited to display properly on the website.  Another suggestion was to have this section display personalized content/links depending on what users typically do on the library website.

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