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WAG Minutes - July 26, 2013

Jul 30, 2013

Minutes - Web Advisory Group

July 26, 2013 - 11:00am-12:00pm

Main Library 230B




  1. Brief History of Predecessor Group – Robert gave an overview of the previous group, Web Content Working Group (, which began as a hands-on group and evolved to be more advisory. Given the change in focus, CAPT revised the charge and membership and renamed the group to WAG.

  2. Web Advisory Group Charge and Role – Sue reviewed the charge, membership, and assigned major tasks of the group. Robert and Sue are the named co-chairs and Lisa and Jen are permanent members in their work roles. All other members are appointed into rotating membership positions. The group discussed areas of concern including graphic design, information architecture, the need to prioritize and work on projects systematically with clear timelines, transparency in communication with Library faculty and staff, being agile, using virtual communication for decision-making, and how to best engage CAPT as needed. Sue and Robert clarified the role of the named resource people – they will receive agendas, have access to the virtual working space, and be asked to contribute as appropriate.

  3. Housekeeping

    1. Meeting Time and Frequency – The group with meet for 90 minutes, every three weeks, on Friday - pending confirmation of the Information Desk schedule. There will be option of attending WAG meetings electronically, which also creates the possibility of recording the meetings. The group discussed recording and Robert will use today’s recording to demonstrate the possibilities so that the group can make a decision in the future about whether to make recordings as a regular practice. Sue will also check with the University Librarian to make certain there are no policies we need to be aware of. Whenever there is a recording, the co-chairs will be responsible for informing any guests that a recording is being made.

    2. Staggered Two-Year Terms – Sue and Robert will work with CAPT to identify the terms of service for representatives so that the terms of service are staggered.

    3. Values and “Ground Rules” – We will need to have process for virtual discussions and decision-making. The committee will discuss this at a future meeting.

    4. Web page, G folder, wiki, etc. – Douglas Heintz is setting up a webpage for the committee. The group will not use a G:/ folder. The wiki from the Web Content Working Group exists but Robert is pursuing the possibility of using a new service from CITES that uses Sharepoint instead. Robert will send information to the group in the coming weeks. Minutes will be sent to the committee for a two-day review period and then posted to the website.

  4. UGL Website Design - Eric Kurt presented a new Undergraduate Library (UGL) site design ( To use this design, UGL would need an exception to the CAPT Policy on Custom Templates for the Library CMS.

  5. CMS Templates – The committee discussed issues surrounding CMS templates and various policy and staffing issues.

  6. Primo and the Gateway – The group discussed options for representing Primo on the Gateway: replace Easy Search with Primo, make a tab for Primo, leave the Gateway as is, and remove Primo from the Gateway. The group generally leans toward leaving the Gateway as is and not adding a tab but does not have complete consensus.

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