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Web Advisory Group (WAG)


This group will supersede the Web Content Working Group (WCWG). The WCWG began with the intentions that all members would be directly contributing to the development of web content, but over time the group shifted into a largely advice and consent role, with a small minority of members responsible for creating content based on the recommendations of the group. This new group and charge will better reflect the advice and consent role into which the WCWG has evolved.


The Web Advisory Group is under the umbrella of the Content Access Policy and Technology committee.  It is co-chaired by the Associate University Librarian for User Services / Associate Dean of Libraries, and the Technical Architect for Web Content. The group will coordinate its activities with other working groups and library departments, as warranted. Any proposals that WAG develops requiring policies must be approved by CAPT. Any proposals generated by WAG that require funding for implementation must be referred to the Library's Budget Group for funding approval. The co-chairs will update CAPT on WAG’s activities on a regular basis.

Major Tasks Slated for WAG in the Next Two Years (2013-2014)