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CAPT: Olive to Viridian Newspaper Migration Planning Group


Develop a project plan and a timeline for the implementation of the Viridian newspaper access and management system

The project implementation plan should articulate the following information:

  1. What resources, financial and personnel, are required to accomplish the implementation and the migration; if they are not secured, then indicate what steps you are taking to get them or what assistance you need to do so.
  2. The date when the implementation can begin (i.e. when the necessary personnel can begin the project); the expected time frame for implementation; the expected time frame for migration.
  3. Any dependencies on external efforts (e.g., contract review, virtual server setup ) and the expected time frame it will require to secure them.
  4. How you intend to assess the success and completion of the project.
  5. Service commitment: draft a Library IT service commitment for the service that identifies the individual outside of Library IT who is the point person for the service, the IT support plan, and the availability of the service;
  6. Identification of project leads (technical and service) to work in tandem on managing the project resources and time line.

A draft project implementation plan should be complete by May 17, 2013 so that we can discuss how this project can move forward taking into consideration current Library resource commitments.

April 30, 2013