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October 2, 2013 Meeting Minutes

Oct 8, 2013

Web-Scale Discovery Implementation Team

October 2, 2013


Library 428


Susan Avery
Jenny Emmanuel (co-chair)
Jason Heldreth
Lisa Hinchliffe
Jenny Johnson
Bill Mischo
Michael Norman (co-chair)
Sue Searing
Robert Slater
William Weathers
Sarah Williams
Beth Woodard

Guest: Beth Sandore


Wendy Shelburne
Helen Sullivan
Ya’aqov Ziso

1) White Paper - Beth Sandore joined the committee to discuss the White Paper draft and provide input from the discussion the AULs had with the Library Dean. The committee discussed the need to clarify our priorities and needs for a discovery system before we begin an RFP process. The RFP needs to be informed by clear priorities about what needs are to be addressed by a discovery system. The ITHAKA faculty survey data (Spring 2013) and the LibQUAL survey results (Spring 2014) will help inform our understanding of user needs and desires as well. The committee engaged Beth in a far-ranging discussion of the challenges with Primo and the relationship with Ex Libris and the issues that have emerged related to search, discovery, and delivery more generally. Committee members are asked to submit any final edits to the White Paper to Michael by Friday so that it can be submitted to CAPT and the Dean. The committee also reviewed a spreadsheet estimating the costs of Primo implementation beyond the fees paid to Ex Libris. 

2) Study Group - The committee approved recommending to CAPT a "study group" process on search, discovery, and delivery that builds on the Access Study Group process of 2002-2003.  Bill and Lisa are willing to serve as co-leaders of this initiative and there will be a goal of being very inclusive of library-wide contribution to the process. Bill and Lisa will draft a plan and ask the Primo committee for input before it is conveyed to CAPT as a recommendation.

Respectfully submitted by Lisa Hinchliffe