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September 17, 2013 Meeting Minutes

Sep 23, 2013

Web-Scale Discovery Implementation Team  
September 17, 2013


Library 428


Susan Avery
Jenny Emanuel (co-chair)
Jason Heldreth
Lisa Hinchliffe
Jenny Johnson
Michael Norman (co-chair)
Robert Slater
William Weathers
Sarah Williams


Bill Mischo
Sue Searing
Wendy Shelburne
Helen Sullivan
Beth Woodard
Ya’aqov Ziso

Discovery System RFP Task Force – Lisa and Sarah created a draft charge and principles for membership for discussion. The committee discussed the draft and CAPT’s role, campus policies and procedures for RFPs, and library-wide engagement in the process. Kathy Veach was identified as needing to be engaged throughout the process as well. No edits were made to the draft and the committee approved submitting it to CAPT.

The committee also identified framing questions that the Task Force would need answers to in general.  E.g., Is the discovery system to complement or replace Easy Search? Should the system prioritize integration with existing vendors tools (e.g., SFX) or prioritize flexibility to integrate with different systems over time?  Is the goal to have blended, bento box, or having the option of either/both what is desired? 

The committee discussed CAPT’s role in leading the exploration of the answers to these questions and possibilities for engaging the library as a whole in the deliberations. Michael will ask CAPT to discuss how to address the bigger picture questions as well as the draft Discovery RFP charge at the next CAPT meeting.

Respectfully submitted by Lisa Hinchliffe