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CAPT Web-Scale Discovery System Implementation Team

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Frequently Asked Questions about Primo


The Web-Scale Discovery implementation working group is a working group of the Library’s Content, Access, Policy, and Technology Committee (CAPT).  Overall, the working group is responsible for the planning, implementation, and assessment of the Primo web-scale discovery system in the University Library on the Urbana campus.  The working group, led by co-chairs Lisa Hinchliffe (Public Services Lead), and Michael Norman (Technical lead) is responsible for these specific aspects of the Web-scale discovery implementation:

1.  Development of an implementation time line, including a framework that identifies the scope of implementation, the needs addressed by the implementation priorities, and the functionality to be included in phase 1 (initial implementation);  in phase 2 (post-assessment revisions) and in subsequent phases of development;

2. Working with the Coordinator of Illinois Digital Environment for Access to Learning and Scholarship (Sarah Shreeves), the Coordinator of Digital Content Creation (Betsy Kruger), the Metadata Librarian (Myung-Ha Han), and others, the team will work to incorporate the Library’s various digital repositories into the Primo central index and integrate into the overall search portal;

3.  Working with the Coordinator of Web Content & technologies (Robert Slater) on the design and integration of Primo with the Library’s Gateway website;

4.  Working with the Lead for content access and discovery (Bill Mischo) to integrate Primo with the existing EasySearch discovery framework for the Library;

5.  Assess how users utilize Primo, make changes, and coordinate with groups such as User Ed and Staff training to address usage and how we as a library will utilize it for the end user;

6.  Planning, with the Coordinator for Staff Training, the training and staff development required to enable Library staff at all levels to use the system effectively;

7.  Providing critical information to the User Education Committee on the capabilities and the implementation time line for the system and related services;

8.  Develop, in concert with Library Public Affairs, periodic communication and updates regarding the implementation to the Library staff, and the various Library user audiences, regarding the implementation, and the impact on Library information discovery services. Provide consistent periodic reports to the Content Access Policy and Technology committee (CAPT) that are shared to the rest of the Library.

9.  Provide input during the search process on candidates for the 2 FTE visiting academic professional positions to support the implementation, by June 15, 2012;

10.  Work with the CARLI statewide library consortium on the integration of catalog content and metadata into the Web-scale discovery system;

11.  Collaborate with ExLibris as development partners to cooperate on recommending services, Easy Search multiple search capabilities, integration of metadata into Primo indexes including authority control of headings, and mobile applications of library data;

30 January 2012 (Note: Co-Chair Updated 2/21/14)


Lisa Hinchliffe, Coordinator for Information Literacy Services & Instruction (Public Services Lead, Co-Chair)

Michael Norman, Head of Content Access Management (Technical Lead, Co-Chair)

Susan Avery, UGL Instruction Librarian

Jay Heldreth, Visiting Access and Mobile Services Research Programmer

Jenny Johnson, map librarian, special collections

Bill Mischo, search & discovery integration w/Easy Search, usability

Sue Searing, subject specialist, public service perspective, interface design & usability; User Education Committee

Wendy Shelburne, public services, collections: e-resource title acquisitions

Robert Slater, usability, communication, interop w/ Library Gateway

William Weathers, Web-scale metadata position

Sarah Williams, public services, life sciences subject librarian; past experience with implementation of web scale discovery system

Beth Woodard, staff training; liaison to RRSS; Reference Services Committee