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CAPT Meeting Notes 12/08/2010

CAPT Meeting Notes
12/8/2010, 3:00 PM
Main Library 428


Tom Teper, Lynn Wiley, Beth Sandore, Peggy Steele, Tim Cole, Chatham Ewing, Josh Bishoff, Robert Slater, Beth Woodard 

1. Non-Agenda Item:

Peggy will convene the Voyager Performance Working Group

2. Mobile Device detection/redirection for (some) pages on

Josh and Robert propose that CAPT authorize them to use some mobile device detection scripts (currently TERA-WURLF / php)

Concerns about load balancing/impact of the mobile device detection script. Josh and Robert are keenly aware of this and want to engage in some performance tests with Library IS for using Tera-WURLF and then benchmarking load issues on the current gateway versus the a version using the device detection (after the no change period has ended- January 19). The detect script is designed so that it should only run once for every browser (whether desktop or mobile) that accesses pages including the script. If a browser is determined to not be on a mobile device, a cookie is automatically set to indicate a preference for the full version of the site. This means that there will be an initial spike in server load that should quickly taper off.

Josh reviewed some of the more/less popular features of the mobile site. Very popular is the Find A Bus application. Less popular is the Course Reserves interface.

Right now, we have some examples up. Try accessing this copy of the library gateway from your mobile device:

You will be prompted to choose the mobile or full version of the library web site (not the current versions, but copies of the full and mobile gateways with the necessary scripts added). You choice will be stored in a cookie, so you won't be prompted again in the future.  Choosing the "Full Site" link from the mobile site or the "Mobile Site" link from the quick links on the gateway will update your preference (your cookie) so you won't be prompted continuously to select which version you want, nor be trapped in the full or mobile site after you make your initial choice.

Robert will send out the new mobile detection page links to CAPT so they can review how it works (and they are included in the meeting notes).

Beth and Lynne both would be interested in seeing the New Books App for the iPod modified to allow the end user to create their own RSS feed. Josh will look into it. Most of these apps are under the "Mobile Labs" section of the mobile site because they are being developed by librarians as part of their research agenda- so they are not guaranteed to work or to be maintained long term.

3.  Loading CRL records into Voyager-update

CARLI is interested in loading CRL records into the catalog for about 13,000 bib records for monographs and about 1,100 serial records (about 14,100 total records).

Should these create a specific "location" (collection) for these records so users can narrow down their search to just CRL items?

The group would like someone (Peggy Steele, Michael Norman and MJ Han were suggested) to investigate how these records will show up in the catalog. We also need to make sure that we don't end up with duped records in our catalog. Will adding these 14,000 items count against the maximum number of records we're allowed to load per week? Peggy will take charge with getting the group together and reviewing these issues.

4. Discussion:  Integrated Access Solutions

Do we need a min-rfi/rfp for this? Yes- we need to at least come up with a very high-level list of requirements (must work with our existing SFX Link Resolver, must support universal borrowing, a product CARLI is willing to work with us on, etc). We still haven't had a presentation from Ex Libris. Beth will follow up with Bill Mischo to see how soon Ex Libris can come to make a presentation.

Lynne suggests that we formally charge a sub-group to develop a requirements list. Michigan didn't do a formal rfi/rfp, but they did engage in extensive user surveys to determine what type of system/features their users wanted.

Beth suggests a sub-group also do an environmental scan to see what some of our peer institutions have selected. Tom and Beth will work on a charge for this proposed sub-group.

If we need to submit a funding proposal to the Provosts office to support our eventual selection on a new system, time-wise this entails: in first week January the proposal must be given to the Library Executive Committee, in the second week of February it goes to the Senate Library Committee.

The meeting adjourned at 4:39