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Advisory Committee to the Associate University Librarian for Services Minutes 19 May 2008

Advisory Committee to the Associate University Librarian for Services
Meeting Notes for May 19, 2008, 11:00am

Attending:  Meg Burger, Kirstin Dougan, Susan Duncan, Karen Hogenboom, JoAnn Jacoby, Lori Mestre, Peggy Steele, Scott Walter

Absent: Tina Chrzastowski, Lisa Hinchliffe

Guest: Beth Woodard

Beth Woodard presented SAC with ideas to systematically improve Library Service (primarily, but not limited to, customer service), and a request for SAC to assist in making it come about.


The Library’s Service Values Statement (handout 1): does not encompass everything  we want to achieve. Important components of service also include:

Customer Service Improvement Plan: Basic Customer Service by East Georgia College (handout 2): was implemented beginning in 2005, built on the Governor’s four service standards with one additional standard for the college to be applied to the entire organization. This plan’s strengths include:

RUSA Reference Guidelines  (handout 3): ALA’s Guidelines for Behavioral Performance of Reference and Information Service Providers

Quick and Easy Reference Evaluation: Gathering Users’ and Providers’ Perspectives (handout 4): Miller, Jonathan, Reference & User Services Quarterly  Volume 47, issue 3, Describes the use of a simple general survey of both users’ and providers’ perceptions.


Development of a pilot project is our minimum expectation, a customer-service improvement plan at the Division or Unit level. Various approaches could be:

How does SAC fit in?

How do we want to structure this?

General Comments

SAC looking forward


Adjourned at 12:00pm, Notes by Chris Johns