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Advisory Committee to the Asociate University Librarian for Services Minutes 09-07-2010

September 7, 2010
428 Library
2:30 - 3:30 pm 

Members Present: Scott Walter (Chair), Pat Allen, Susan Avery, Paula Carns, Lisa Hinchliffe, Tony Hynes, Robert Slater, Becky Smith

Members Absent: Kirstin Dougan, JoAnn Jacoby, Lynne Rudasill, Peggy Steele

1.  Appointment of Note-Taker

Walter volunteered to take the minutes.

2.  Additions to the Agenda

Improvements to Systems Status Alerts

ISS Request for 24/7 service

Subject Specialist List

SAC WG Review

3. Announcements


4.  Review of membership (Walter)

Members noted lack of consistency between SAC membership listed on the committee Web page < >, membership as represented in Outlook meeting request, and membership as actually present at meeting. Walter will ask Kim Matherly to confirm EC appointments to the committee for 2010-2011 and update the Web page and Outlook meeting schedule, as appropriate.

5. Improvements to System Status Alerts (Walter)

Walter reviewed a concern raised at a recent meeting of the University Librarian's Student Advisory Committee (ULSAC) regarding user difficulty in locating IT Help information from the Gateway, especially Help regarding "known systems/applications issues," e.g., the conflict with Zotero/Firefox/Proxy Server < >. Walter and Beth Sandore have asked Slater and Steele to consider ways in which "systems status" messages can be more easily located by users from the Gateway.

6. ISS Request for 24/7 Service (Walter)

Walter reviewed a recent meeting with a member of the Illinois Student Senate, who has asked

about the possibility of providing 24/7 (rather than 24/5) service at UGL or Grainger. Walter and Lori Mestre (UGL) met with the student to provide an overview of costs associated with such a change, current use patterns, etc. Hinchliffe noted that previous student groups had studied UGL use and concluded that students were satisfied with 24/5 access (when asked to consider both options). ISS may conduct a broader student survey of this question this year.

7. Subject Specialist List (Avery)

Avery noted a recent discussion in a Central Public Services Division meeting of the limitations of the current directory of subject specialists <>. Hinchliffe and Carns worked on this question with Tom Teper last year, but there are still concerns regarding the listing's utility for users seeking direct assistance. The committee discussed the possibility of creating a list aimed at users (and more easily found from the Gateway), and a list aimed at a Library audience. Walter noted the potential for folding this discussion of locating Library expertise by subject into a parallel discussion recent initiated in Library IT around the databases the provide information to the "Find a Library" and "Library Hours" listings. Walter will pursue the question of how to move forward to Tom Teper and Beth Sandore. Slater will add this issue to the discussion of database development in Library IT.

8.  Service Quality Academy Recommendation (Walter)

The committee considered the recommendation from Library Assessment WG (LAWG) that the Library support a faculty member's attendance at the ARL Service Quality Evaluation Academy in 2011 <>. The committee endorsed the LAWG recommendation and Walter will forward that endorsement to the Dean for her consideration in planning for administrative travel in 2010-2011.

9.  SAC Working Group Review

The Library Assessment WG has been charged for the new year, and Kirstin Dougan appointed as Chair.

The committee re-affirmed the conclusion of its discussions earlier this year regarding the Public Engagement WG and recommended that it be disbanded. Walter will follow up with last year's PEWG Chair and with units or committees that have taken on (or simply retained) responsibility for activities previously associated with PEWG.

The committee questioned the current status of the Customer Services WG, which operated in collaboration with Staff Development and Training. Walter will follow up with Beth Woodard.

10. 2010-11 SAC Topics for Discussion

Walter asked for ideas for major discussion or action items for the committee for the coming year. Initial ideas included: