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Services Advisory Committee Meeting Minutes for September 14, 2009

September 14, 2009
428 Library
9:00 - 10:00 am

Members Present: Scott Walter (Chair), Susan Avery, Paula Carns, Tony Hynes, JoAnn Jacoby, Kathleen Kern, Lynne Rudasill, Robert Slater, Peggy Steele

Members Absent: Pat Allen, Kirsten Dougan, Lisa Hinchliffe

Appointment of Note-Taker

Carns volunteered to take the minutes.

Reference Retreat Final Report Recommendations (Rudasill)

Rudasill presented the final version of Reference Retreat Report, which committee members reviewed prior to the meeting. The final draft of the report includes the identification of individuals recommended for responsibility for post-Retreat actions.

As a follow-up to a recommendation in the report, Lynne has asked David Ward to give a "Lightning Talk" at the next faculty meeting, on September 23, 2009. A Lightning Talk is a 5 minute speech on a topic of interest followed by a 2 minute Question and Answer period.

A suggestion in the report (not a recommendation as it was little discussed at the Retreat) is the creation of a Reference Services website. The Reference Retreat Committee will work with Walter on such a web portal. Walter suggested that a coordinator or a coordinating body with a diverse population (such as from various units or types of units) working closely with the User Education could maintain the site (and sustain the ongoing discussion of reference services across the Library).

Comments on the Report from SAC: Everyone agreed that the Report was in fine shape but could use numbers for the pages and recommendations and a summary of the recommendations at the end, which Rudasill will add. Walter will disseminate the report on LIBNEWS once it is finalized. Walter also suggested that the Reference Retreat Committee do a brief report at a faculty meeting.

LibQUAL+ (Kern)

Walter did not disseminate the draft report and recommendations from Library Assessment Working Group prior to the meeting, and will do so in advance of the next meeting. Kern gave a quick update: LAWG has finished its report and made recommendations. Walter suggested that Committee present its recommendations at the October faculty meeting.

Library Gateway (Slater)

Following on a comment raised in the LibQUAL discussion, Slater provided a brief update on planning for the new Library Gateway. Slater has been conducting usability testing on the Gateway and hopes to do more testing using students' natural language in order to better understand their needs. He plans on doing a pre-study with two simple questions, such as "What do you come to a Library Website for?" Slater showed a mock-up of the new Gateway. Reaction to the new design was positive.

Slater also noted upcoming changes to the "Contact Us" page <>  and announced plans to provide a template in the CMS with the Easy Search function, so that units can include it in their homepages.  

Continuity of Service Planning: H1N1 (Swine) Flu preparation (Walter)

Walter forwarded the University's plan for a Swine Flu pandemic to division coordinators, who in turn sent it to librarians and staff in the divisions, which lead to a discussion of divisions (more below). Walter outlined three stages: 1. The current situation (only a few cases); 2. Campus is open but many Library faculty and staff are sick and thus coverage is difficult in units, especially smaller ones; and 3. Campus closes yet classes continue in an online environment. Scott believes that Stage 2 and 3 will both poses problems, albeit different ones.

In the case of Stage 3:

Issues to think about:

In the case of Stage 2: the committee did not at this time offer suggestions.

Regarding dissemination of information through Library divisions: Steele noted that Academic Professionals in Library IT are not part of the Technical Services Division, and thus do not have a divisional liaison. Walter noted the inconsistent practice across divisions in the matter of membership and dissemination of information from Administrative Council to Divisions to all staff in units comprising Divisions. The lack of divisional affiliation for all Library staff brings into question the current system of disseminating information through the divisions. 

Future of Services Advisory Committee (Walter)

Walter would like the committee to address at a future meeting the idea of re-envisioning its charge and membership as a "Services Leadership Council," which would made up of people responsible for major Library service programs as part of their appointments, e.g., the Assistant Dean of Libraries for Facilities, Coordinator of Staff Training and Development, Scholarly Commons Coordinator, Learning Commons Librarian. It was suggested that individuals who provide reference services, such as from department al libraries, should also be included. The Library Executive Committee would have to approve such a committee and thus it could not be convened until August 2010.