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Advisory Committee to the Associate University Librarian for Services Minutes 04-05-2010

April 5, 2010
428 Library
10:00 - 11:00 am

Members Present: Scott Walter (Chair), Pat Allen, Susan Avery, Paula Carns, Tony Hynes, JoAnn Jacoby, Kathleen Kern, Lynne Rudasill, Robert Slater, Peggy Steele

Members Absent: Pat Allen, Kirstin Dougan, Lisa Hinchliffe

1. Appointment of Note-Taker

Carns volunteered to take the minutes.

2. Additions to the Agenda

Launch of Library's Mobile Web Site

Future Directions for Library Assessment Working Group

3. Announcements

Jacoby announced that there would be a NSM Stuff Session on Wednesday April 15, 2010. Three NSM Teams will present status reports: Reference Services NSM Team, Services Evaluation NSM Team and Area and International Studies NSM Team.

4. Launch of Library's Mobile Web Site

Steele and Slater, members of the Library Mobile Services Working Group (LMSWG), gave an update on the Library's new Mobile site:

Feedback from the Library community and users had been very positive. LMSWG has requested funds for ongoing support from the Library's Library IT Prioritization Working Group, which is currently reviewing its application for continuation of service.

5. Discussion of LAWG Recommendations for Services Advisory Committee

The Library Assessment Working Group (LAWG) presented it recommendations based on the recent LibQual survey. There was discussion on the following points:

Slater provided an update on issues related to comments mapped to "IC", including review of the work he has done in collaboration with UGL faculty to conduct usability studies and user interviews in support of a slate of recommendations for changes to the Gateway. Slater requested feedback from the committee on an implementation timeline for a new Gateway design, if significant changes are recommended following the conclusion of these studies, e.g., Winter Break 2010. Slater will present the results of these studies and draft recommendations for changes to the Gateway at a future meeting of the committee. Slater noted that Mischo and others conduct ongoing usability studies on the Easy Search interface.

Regarding IC2.a, Slater noted that there is a new "contact-us" link on the Library Web site under About Us ( Kim Matherly monitors this account. Departmental libraries are advised to add links to their home pages in the same spot. Slater can add a default link in the CMS for libraries that don't want to maintain a separate page. Many units do not know about this link and it was suggested that a message be sent out on LIBNEWS-L to tell everyone about it.

Regarding IC.2.b. Library liaisons are already doing this. However, there should be clear expectations for these librarians. There has been some discussion with Heather Murphy, the Library's Assistant Director of Advancement for Publications and Public Affairs, about new draft of the guide to the Library. Heather will craft a one-page template into which individual units and libraries add information about their services and collections. These sheets can then be distributed to departments and units on campus.

6. Future Directions for Library Assessment Working Group

Walter reported on discussions with Kern and Dougan regarding LAWG's plans for this year and next as the Library did not fill the position of assessment coordinator and about relevant goals. Kern questioned the need for an assessment working group and wonders if SAC and LAWG could be folded into one, that is, SAC would handle issues of assessment with specific projects "farmed out" to subgroups or individuals in SAC and in the Library. The committee concluded that LAWG members should reflect on their goals for the future and in light of current staffing issues and present their response to the question of the long-term continuation of the WG to a future SAC meeting.