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Advisory Committee to the Associate University Librarian for Services Minutes 01 January 2012

January 17, 2012
428 Library
3:00 – 4:00 pm 

Members Present: Scott Walter (Chair), Pat Allen, Paula Carns, Tony Hynes, JoAnn Jacoby, Joe Lenkart, Geoff Ross, Becky Smith, Robert Slater, Peggy Steele, David Ward

Members Absent: Lisa Hinchliffe, Kathleen Kern

Guest: Sarah Shreeves

1. Appointment of Note-Taker

Walter volunteered to take the minutes.

2.  Additions to the Agenda

Library Identification

Reference Service Hubs

3. Announcements

Slater noted that the LIBNEWS message regarding ORR/SFX transition was ready for dissemination, and asked committee members to provide him with any final feedback for consideration.

4. Services for Graduate Students

The committee reviewed feedback received from divisions to the initial query posed regarding current services aimed at graduate students. The committee discussed possible next steps with Sarah Shreeves, Co-Coordinator, Scholarly Commons, including enhancement of materials made available to liaison librarians each semester for use in promoting graduate student services, open house programs for graduate students, coordinated communication with graduate studies coordinators across campus, and more consistent sharing of “best practices” or “successful innovations” in graduate student services among Library faculty and staff. The committee agreed that an effective first step would be to consult with the Graduate College’s Graduate Student Advisory Committee to gauge service needs, as well as awareness of currently-available services. Committee members will provide Shreeves with potential discussion questions by the end of the month for use in one of the upcoming meetings with the GSAC that she and Merinda Hensley have scheduled.

5. Library Identification

Committee members discussed the continued need to clearly identify subject and functional specialists for Library users, in general, and in light of the development of the reference service hubs. The Scholarly Commons “experts” listing, which incorporates clear descriptions of area of expertise, contact information, and photographs, was noted as an example of preferred practice consistent with the identification of faculty experts in other colleges. The committee will discuss recommendations regarding the broader adoption of this approach, as well as the broader adoption of the Library identification badges, at its next meeting.

6.  Library Assessment

The committee discussed the need to continue with planned assessment activities during Spring 2012, i.e., LibQUAL Lite, Snapshot Day, in light of the decision of the individual recruited as Assessment Coordinator to come to Illinois. The committee discussed the plans to re-open the Coordinator search, and awaits feedback from LAWG on how it might assist.

7. Reference Service Hubs

Ward reported that the Reference Services Committee will be engaging in further definition of the reference service programs at the designated hubs, as well as policies related to faculty and staff contribution of time to those programs, at its February meeting. He will bring this information to the committee for discussion at its March meeting.

8. Future of the AUL for Services Position

In light of the announcement that Walter will be resigning the AUL for Services position at the end of Spring 2012, the committee has scheduled a February meeting with Paula Kaufman to discuss short-term and long-term plans for the future of the position. Ward and other members of the committee who are also members of the Executive Committee led a discussion of the questions and concerns that the committee may wish to raise with Kaufman during their meeting.