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Advisory Committee to the Associate University Librarian for Services Minutes 12-08-2010

December 8, 2010
428 Library
10:00 - 11:00 am

Members Present: Scott Walter (Chair), Pat Allen, Susan Avery, Paula Carns, Kirstin Dougan, JoAnn Jacoby, Lynne Rudasill

Members Absent: Lisa Hinchliffe, Tony Hynes, Becky Smith, Robert Slater, Peggy Steele

1. Appointment of Note-Taker

Walter volunteered to take the minutes. 

2.  Additions to the Agenda

LAWG Update

3.  Announcements

The Literatures and Languages Library will open in 225 Library in January 2011. Signage is

currently being prepared, and the new Web site is being finalized for launch after the new year.

The English Library and the Modern Languages & Linguistics Library will close on December 17, 2010

4. LAWG Update (Dougan)

Dougan reported that LAWG is preparing for a LibQUAL+ Lite <>  implementation in Spring 2011. Dougan also reported that LAWG will be moving forward on a pilot implementation of the Reference Effort Assessment Data (READ) Scale <> during Spring Sweeps Week (dates TBA). A LAWG sub-group (Kern, Ward, Phillips) is coordinating the READ Scale pilot, including a proposed training session in early Spring 2011 with READ Scale designer Bella Karr Gerlich.

5. SAC/CDC Joint Working Group on Service Expectations (Walter)

Walter reviewed the information on the Joint WG disseminated to the Library via LIBFAC on December 7, 2010. The JWG members are: Walter (Co-Chair), T. Teper (C-Chair), Carns, Chrzastowski, Hinchliffe, Rudasill, and Wagstaff. Carns noted the parallel discussion of expectations for Library faculty described in the EC minutes of November 22, 2010

6. Library Retreat (Walter)

The Library Retreat has been re-scheduled to January 14, 2011 (from January 12). Walter will send a LIBNEWS message to update Library faculty and staff, and will have the "Winter Break" hours schedule appropriately revised. More information on the retreat agenda will be forthcoming after an upcoming meeting with presenters.

7. Post-Meeting Note: ISS Resolution on Sub-Closing (Walter)

The Illinois Student Senate has passed a resolution supporting the administration's recommendation that we consider limiting access to the Undergraduate, Grainger, and Funk-ACES libraries during the overnight hours to UIUC community members only. Walter will send a LIBNEWS message to update Library faculty and staff on the status of these discussions.