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Minutes of Services Advisory Committee Meeting- 10/10/2007

Members Present: Lori Mestre, Lisa Hinchliffe, JoAnn Jacoby, Susie Duncan, Peggy Steele, Meg Burger, Karen Hogenboom, Tina Chrzastowski

Visitors Present: Anna Dombrowski, Bill Mischo, Beth Sandore

Members absent: Mary Laskowski, Karen Wei, Stephanie Davidson, Scott Walter (chair), Lura Joseph

  1. Gateway Conversion
    Bill Mischo gave an update on the new Gateway. He reported that they had not gotten back the latest comments, but they had run quality control on the 130 plus pages. The User Education Committee also assisted in proofreading the pages and testing links. Some comments from the User Education Committee identified problems with relative vs. absolute links and breadcrumbs. The Web Content Working Group ran usability tests using directions from Jakob Nielsen who recommends having five people in each round of usability tests. Another issue is accessibility. The Content Management System does not produce pages that compatible with the current accessibility standards.  Also, the CMS Server keeps going down, and the solution is to move the pages to Cooper for public access rather than having people access them in the CMS per se.
  2. Gateway Website Cutover Plan
    Beth distributed the Gateway Website Cutover Plan. The committee asked a number of questions about the Gateway and the CMS. Bill stated that, while there is much promise in CMS, it cannot do everything. For example, it cannot host dynamic web pages or special graphics. If the CMS cannot be made to work,
  3. Division Liason
    Beth described the role of the Division Liaisons for the website conversation work and explained that the role will grow and be shaped over time. The liaisons will be more than just facilitators as they will also provide training and professional development.

Respectfully submitted,
Anna Dombrowski