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Minutes of Services Advisory Committee Meeting - 6/8/2009

Members Present: Scott Walter (Chair), Pat Allen, Tina Chrzastowski, Kirstin Dougan, Tony Hynes, Kathleen Kern, Lori Mestre, Lynne Rudasill,  Robert Slater, Peggy Steele

Members Absent:  Lisa Janicke Hinchliffe, Karen Hogenboom, Lynne Rudasill

Appointment of Note Taker

Allen volunteered to take minutes

Additions to the Agenda

Updates on Retrospective Reference and Google Books projects


Walter announced that the Executive Committee has asked him to prepare a position description for a half-time “Coordinator of Library Assessment”.  This is expected to be an internal appointment. Walter will forward a draft description to SAC for comment. EC wants the description for their next meeting.

Reference Retreat Update (Kern)

The Reference Retreat will take place on June 29 – 30, 2009.  The coordinating group has received some suggestions via e-mail.

2009-10 Working Group Assignments (Walter)

SAC has 3 Working Groups with active charges: Customer Service Working Group; Library Assessment Working Group; and Public Engagement Working Group. Several current appointments are set to expire in August, 2009, and Walter has asked WG Chairs for recommendations for continuing or new members, if needed. A list of current members was circulated to the committee, and Walter invited committee members to make suggestions for new assignments. WG assignments for 2009-10 will be discussed at the next committee meeting, following receipt of input from WG Chairs.


The committee discussed plans for the further development and public launch in Fall 2009 of the Library’s Public Engagement Web site <>. PEWG Chair Scott Schwartz will be asked to send out an announcement when the site is ready to be launched.


Updates (Walter)


Committee members asked for an update on the Retrospective Reference Collection and about plans for staging movement of collections into the site. Walter noted that the Reference project has been influenced by broader physical changes and collection shifts required as part of the “Stacks Services” projects and the RBML HVAC project. Jo Kibbee has been leading the planning for the Retrospective Reference project, and Tom Teper has been leading the Stacks Services project. Both will be queried for an update, current timeline for beginning the movement of reference materials, and plans for phasing the movement of collections from Central Reference, Main Library units, units outside the Main Library.


Committee members asked for an update on the Google Books Project.  While we have not been given any further information regarding when we will begin actively contributing materials to the project, we continue preparing for our participation through barcoding projects, records maintenance projects, and the renovation of space in the Hort Field Lab, which will serve as a staging area for transport of materials to/from Google.


Information on the CIC Google Book Search Project is available at <>.


After meeting addendum: Information on the amended agreement between Google and the University of Michigan (an agreement that pre-dates the Google agreement with the CIC) is available at <>.