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Minutes of Services Advisory Committee Meeting – 6/5/2006

Members Present: Bob Burger – Chair, Zoe Revell, Lynne Rudasill, Joe Straw, Lori Mestre, Susan Schnuer, Lura Joseph

Members Excused from Absence: Lisa Hinchliffe, Mary Laskowski

Main Discussion

Undergraduate Survey Recommendations

The SAC continued discussions regarding the survey recommendations.

  1. At this time one of the recommendations includes the suggestion to have subject-specific librarians report on services for undergraduates in their annual report.  Though this is mostly to keep the subject-specific librarians aware of the undergraduate presence in their libraries, the committee decided that an addition to the already-slimmed annual reports is not the way to do it.
  2. One possible alternative may be to create a workshop on “Library Training for Undergrads” aimed at subject-specific librarians.
  3. Discussion of an additional recommendation focused on raising university-wide faculty awareness of the many students that don’t use the library because their classes don’t require them to.  The best way to increase library use may be to work more closely with faculty in the preparation of assignments that will require library research.  Faculty should be able to teach them how to create robust bibliographies using the many tools the library offers including RefWorks.  In the past, the librarians have had the opportunity to talk to TAs about how to use the library. This should continue and ways to market us to the teaching faculty should be explored.
  4. The UGL and subject librarians do this to some degree but the assessment of these initiatives has been lacking.  As such, the SAC will add a recommendation for better assessment for all of the workshops both in existing workshops and in those suggested by the recommendations themselves.
  5. A recommendation may also be added regarding the marketing of the service where we provide lists of items newly added to the library.  One solution may be to provide a counter of total volumes that could be used to remind them the library is growing.
  6. Recently, a tour guide for a group of freshmen at orientation was overheard saying something to the effect of “the Main Library is the Grad Library and someplace I never use.”  Statements like this automatically put off incoming freshmen.  Suggestions for fixing this include continued involvement in the training of the tour guides (Lisa has done this for a few years now), or having the tours go through the Main Library so they are less intimidated by it, emphasizing the amount of study space, and making sure that tour guides don’t make such statements in the future.
  7.  Additional ways for reaching new freshmen were discussed including sending welcoming letters to them before they arrive on campus letting them know of the services offered and having large banners on the Main Library that say “Undergrads Welcome.”  Also, perhaps the Fall Festival would be the ideal place to break down any walls built by the tour guides.
  8.  Finally, there was some discussion about having better signage on the UGL, but the University guidelines may limit this.

Library Logos on the Web

Lynn reported that many of the faculty and students at the University remain largely unaware that many of the databases and online content provided by the library is paid for by the library.  The group designing the new Library Gateway is looking into a way to have the Library’s branding symbol on various online content to let users know it is provided by the Library.

Moropa Visit

Susan reported that notes are forthcoming regarding Robert Moropa’s visit. He did enjoy his time here immensely .  Currently we are in the process of finalizing an agreement between our libraries that would foster interest in areas other than a 24 hour reference service, including sharing information on our and their new Learning Commons.  In November, three of his staff will make a visit, one of whom will speak at IMLS.

Respectfully Submitted,

Chris Stevens
Graduate Assistant to the Coordinator for Information Literacy