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Minutes of Services Advisory Committee Meeting-05/11/2009

Members Present: Scott Walter (Chair), Pat Allen, Tina Chrzastowski, Kirstin Dougan, Karen Hogenboom,  Kathleen Kern, Lori Mestre, Lynne Rudasill,  Robert Slater

Members Absent: Tony Hynes, Peggy Steele

Appointment of Note Taker

Dougan volunteered to take minutes

Additions to the Agenda

Desk Tracker Update


LIS "Retirement Party" is scheduled for Friday, May 15 th, from 3-5 pm

Reference Retreat Update (Rudasill and Kern)

The Reference Retreat WG conducted a survey of unit heads to help shape the planning for the retreat. Rudasill reported the results to be "interesting." The survey data set a baseline for the "who, what, when" of reference at UIUC, served to raise awareness of the retreat, and provided useful comments to the retreat planners. The WG plans to recommend an outside facilitator (non-librarian) serve to lead the retreat in order to foster an environment for open discussion of issues related to the planning and provision of reference services.

Rudasill identified the following issues from the survey as relevant to the planning of the retreat:

Walter suggested that we present discussions of the philosophy of reference service within the context of the relevance of philosophy for practice (in order to avoid having the retreat time consumed by philosophical concerns alone)

Structure for the retreat has not been finalized; may be held over two days--on an afternoon and the following morning. Participants have not yet been identified-may use a combination of inviting specific participants from each location and also have an open call for participants. This will help ensure that we have representation from all locations for both days. Rudasill and Kern noted that the draft program and objectives for the retreat are almost ready and would be used to make a case to the Dean for support for an outside facilitator. Walter asked them to forward the draft to Services Advisory as soon as it was ready for review as a step prior to submitting it to the Dean. Walter asked if the draft program included the issue of the need for ongoing coordination of reference services across the Library (yes), and whether there might be value in using a wiki or blog as a means of fostering ongoing discussion of these issues following the retreat (no clear consensus).

Walter recommended an article on Colorado State University reference services recently published in College & Research Libraries: Information Desk Referrals: Implementing an Office Statistics Database

Rudasill is creating a bibliography for potential pre-retreat readings-if you have suggestions please send them to her.

Rudasill will send the survey summary and results to SAC.

Desk Tracker Update

Chris Johns is currently reviewing data submitted in Desk Tracker for FY09 Sweeps. There have been numerous issues in regard to missing data as well as data error. Desk Tracker reporting functionality is limited and has also caused some concerns regarding its utility for our data management needs. Hinchliffe suggested we pursue importing data collected through Desk Tracker into Bean Counter so that a standard set of queries could be established. Walter will follow up with Beth Sandore regarding the possibility of such a project.

Hinchliffe asked about the status of the Knowledge Tracker product that was supposed to replace Desk Tracker. Kern's report of a Knowledge Tracker discussion at the Reference Renaissance conference suggested that the new product may not be as much an "upgrade" as we had originally hoped it might be. Walter will contact the vendor to ask about status of Desk Tracker improvements.

Rudasill asked how many different configurations of Desk Tracker are currently in use in the Library, e.g., with comment field, without comment field, etc. Walter suggested a follow-up on Desk Tracker use might be worthwhile following the conclusion of Johns's work with the FY09 Sweeps data.