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Minutes of Services Advisory Committee Meeting- 04/14/2008

Attending:  Meg Burger, Kirstin Dougan, Susan Duncan, Lisa Hinchliffe, Karen Hogenboom, JoAnn Jacoby, Lori Mestre, Scott Walter

Absent: Tina Chrzastowski

Guests: Mary Beth Allen, Pat Allen, Merinda Hensley, Emily Love, Robert Slater, Nancy O'Brien, Jennifer Teper, Beth Woodard

After introductions of committee members and guests, the group entered into a discussion of the Library's involvement in public engagement. Paula would like for SAC to become the umbrella for these efforts, therefore we began by identifying them and concluded by posing relevant questions.


The campus budget process encourages requests for funding that are tied to Campus Strategic Initiatives, which include Public Engagement .  Are we doing enough to communicate and promote to the greater campus community the Library's efforts in this area? What is the best way to coordinate and communicate effectively the range of public engagement activities we conduct?

Previous efforts were led by the User Education Committee. While no formal report was ever prepared of the group's work in this area, a considerable body of information is available for review and use.

The current goal is to better coordinate and communicate the existing engagement efforts, rather than initiating new ones.

Range of Activities

Preservation Working Groups' public and cultural engagements (Teper):

Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (for community members over 55) . Membership at $200/year entitles one free class, then $25/per course (Hensley).

User Education Working Group evolved from the community outreach program, has >20 people, each working on a different project (Love). 

Updating of Love's section of Stephanie Atkins early work, and was just charged with making a plan for public engagement (Hinchliffe).

Government Documents Library (Hogenboom)

Pre-K through 12 Outreach (O'Brien)

Health Information Portal (M. Allen)

UI Extension (P. Allen)

Other Initiatives


Center for Information Literacy, is grant-based at ISU, with funds available to help cover cost of public engagement related to information and literacy outreach, esp. to high schools (Burger)

Questions and Comments

How do we align these resources to the public sectors that would benefit from them, and how do we glean all relevant programs and outreach?

SAC looking forward

Decide how to structure this effort:

Who will coordinate it; how do you keep it an ongoing effort?

After-Meeting Note:

Services Advisory Committee chose to charge a Public Engagement Working Group to continue promoting and coordinating our efforts in this area

Adjourned at 10:00am, Notes by Chris Johns and Robert Slater