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Minutes of Services Advisory Committee Meeting-04/13/2009

Members Present: Scott Walter (Chair), Pat Allen, Tina Chrzastowski, Kirstin Dougan, Karen Hogenboom, Tony Hynes, Kathleen Kern, Lori Mestre, Lynne Rudasill,  Robert Slater

Members Absent: Lisa Janicke Hinchliffe, Lori Mestre

Guests: Betsy Kruger, Michael Norman, Cherie Weible, Lynn Wiley

Appointment of Note Taker

Kern volunteered to serve as note taker

Additions to the Agenda

Reference Retreat Update

New Service Models Update              


Dougan reported that the Music and Performing Arts Library's implementation of the Wisconsin Ohio Reference Evaluation Program (WOREP) <> is nearly complete.

Reference Retreat Update (Rudasill)

Reference Retreat Task Force has prepared an outline for the retreat, and will share the outline with the committee before the next meeting. They are also preparing a survey to be sent to unit heads later this month in order to discern the classes of individuals who work reference desks and how reference is currently done. The results will inform the committee on the types of sessions that might be offered and to whom.

New Service Models Update (Jacoby)

Jon Gorman has completed work on a beta version of an improved "New Titles List" function that will allow NTLs to be reported by fund code, rather than only by physical location of materials. This will provide enhanced NTL reporting functionality to support interdisciplinary programs, and subject specialists who acquire materials that are housed in multiple physical locations. Walter suggested making beta available to Yoo-Seong Song, who might integrate it into the LER portal.

Plans to reconfigure the Central Circulation Desk in the Main Library are moving forward with projected completion in time for the start of the upcoming academic year. The reconfiguration will allow easier access to the Main Stacks, improved shelving configuration for patron holds, and support for the "Central Reserves" function to be implemented as a pilot in Fall 2009. A related effort to reconfigure public space in the "Delivery Room" includes planning under way by Central Reference to re-locate some/all of the card catalog.

Pursuant to the "Action Plan" recommendation to integrate Central Reference Services and the Government Documents Library, members of those units will hold a "visioning retreat" this month to begin to build a common vision for the new unit.

There will be a celebration of the LIS Library on May 15, 2009

LIS Library faculty and staff will be honored with the GSLIS Alumni Award at the ALA Annual Meeting in Chicago in July 2009.

"Discovery to Delivery" Discussion

Availability of Print Holdings in Discover Menu

The committee discussed a number of concerns related to the fact that print serials holdings are "invisible" to the user depending on the menu of access options provided by the SFX/Discover link. Weible noted the fact that ILL is inundated with requests for materials held in print on campus owing to the fact that ILL appears as an option in the Discover menu, while print holdings do not. Is there a way to draw attention to print holdings as an option for access to content in the Discover menu? Norman identified new options for using SFX in this way following the completion of the current project to add summary statements to serial holdings records, but noted that even this option will present problems owing to multiple holding statements in Voyager for the same serial. Norman identified a longer-range option, which would be to make Voyager an SFX target, which would allow for more direct access to full holdings information. Norman will pursue the initial step of retrieving summary statements for print holdings in the Discover menu in the "next few months" and report back to the committee.

Digitization on Demand Services

The committee discussed possibilities for the future expansion of digitization-on-demand services for materials held in print at Illinois, e.g., journal articles, book chapters. Weible described the current DocExpress program, associated fees, and volume of use <>. As more materials move to Oak Street, could this service be better promoted, or could the issue of fees be reviewed. Norman, Weible, and Wiley discussed the possibility of engaging in a pilot for an expanded digitization on demand program focused on the most frequently requested titles available in print only. The committee engaged in a discussion of costs and sustainability of any expanded digitization on demand service. The question was posed if Illinois should follow the example of other CIC schools and provide this service for free. Wiley and Weible shared evidence of the impact on service demand of reducing/eliminating fees from the literature and professional discussions.  Weible noted that any substantial expansion of the service would need to be supported through new funding. The question was raised if such support could come from the Library/IT Fee. Chrzastowski suggested that investing more heavily in this service might provide an important balance to the sense among some users that our approach to New Service Models is focused heavily on reduction of local services. Walter suggested that such a service might also be seen as a commitment of support to faculty and students in the humanities and social sciences, where extensive digital backfiles are not as readily available as in the sciences. Walter asked Weible to query her counterpart at Ohio State (which does not charge for this service to campus users) to get a sense of the level of demand, associated