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Minutes of Services Advisory Committee Meeting – 4/3/2006

Members Present: Bob Burger – Chair, Zoe Revell, Lynne Rudasill, Joe Straw, Lori Mestre, Susan Schnuer, Lura Joseph 

Members Excused from Absence: Lisa Hinchliffe, Mary Laskowski

Main Discussion

Undergraduate Survey Recommendations

The committee began discussions regarding the set of Recommendations being written to accompany the Survey Summary.  The first topic discussed was awareness.  According to the survey results for questions 2 and 10, it seems apparent that students remain largely unaware of library workshops and tutorials.  Suggestions included moving the online tutorials within fewer clicks of the Library homepage and creating better promotion materials for workshops.  There was some discussion regarding the belief that undergrads possibly learn better from their peers.  One idea suggested was for the UGL to train a group of undergrads and for that group to roam the UGL with T-shirts announcing their ability to help. These undergrads could give a certain amount of reference help as well as refer students to the reference desk.  A final point of discussion was undergraduate usage of subject-specific libraries.  One suggestion would require libraries to include a focus on undergrads in their annual report.  Another suggestion was to experiment with the idea of bringing subject-specific librarians into different libraries.  Specifically, this could be tried at the ACES library because of its vicinity to some of the dorms and its high level of use according to the survey.  This discussion will continue next month and all suggestions will be considered for the final Recommendations document.

Faculty Survey Status

The faculty survey has had a few bugs due to web design which will delay the start of the survey until April 10.  Let Lisa know if you have questions.

Moropa Visit

Robert Moropa is the University Librarian at the University of Pretoria in South Africa.  He will be on campus on April 27.  The committee will meet with Mr. Moropa to discuss sharing reference responsibilities between our schools, including chat services.  Having such a partner in a different time zone could allow students to have reference help available to them 24 hours/day.

Respectfully Submitted,

Chris Stevens

Graduate Assistant to the Coordinator for Information Literacy