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Minutes of Services Advisory Committee Meeting – 3/6/2006

Members Present: Bob Burger – Chair, Patricia Hswe, Mary Laskowski, Lisa Hinchliffe, Lori Mestre, Zoe Revell, Lynne Rudasill, Marek Sroka, Joe Straw

Main Discussion

Budget for SAC 2006-2007

The SAC discussed possible changes in the current budget to be proposed for the next fiscal year. There were several suggestions. First, it was suggested that the budget item for survey prep programming be reworded to “Assessment project” in order to allow forms of assessment beyond surveys, such as focus groups. If such a focus group was created, the budget could then also be used to hire a facilitator for objectivity within the group. In addition, the portion of the current budget marked for “incentives” could be folded into this “assessment project” fund.

Side Note:

This discussion of an assessment project prompted a discussion of departmental libraries possibly holding their own surveys since several surveys thus far have not yielded useful results for smaller libraries.  This would allow future assessment projects to focus on the libraries at a more general level.

UG Survey Summary

There was some concern raised about the population of the survey, specifically the lack of humanities students. This concern was dismissed because it was generated by confusion of % of major responding vs. % of respondents.  Also, there are several subjective modifiers remaining that will be removed.  Finally, there was some confusion between the summary and the yet-to-be-drafted recommendations document that will be rectified in the summary.  All of the recommendations from SAC members will be considered and incorporated into the summary.  Members are asked to keep in mind that the summary is a tool to help read the survey results themselves, the summary is not intended to be read on its own. SAC members will bring suggestions for the recommendations document to the next SAC meeting

Faculty Survey

The survey form is completed and GAs will begin testing on Thursday, March 9 to make sure all the bugs are out of the system. The survey is set to begin as scheduled.


Respectfully Submitted,

Chris Stevens

Graduate Assistant to the Coordinator for Information Literacy