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Minutes of Services Advisory Committee Meeting – 2/6/2006

Members Present: Bob Burger – Chair, Patricia Hswe, Mary Laskowski, Zoe Revell, Lynne Rudasill, Marek Sroka, Joe Stra, Lisa Hinchliffe, Lori Mestre, Susan Schnuer

Members Excused: Lura Joseph

Main Discussion

Faculty and AP Survey

The faculty survey is currently being programmed from scratch to allow all the survey questions to appear on a single webpage rather than several pages as in the Graduate and Undergraduate surveys.  The two previous surveys have suggested that this format will be more usable to more people.  The PDF version was sent to the library faculty and staff last week and the committee continues to receive useful suggestions.  There is some debate regarding the usage of the survey to educate the faculty about services that some may be unaware of.

Website Development

There are two groups currently working on website development.  Group #1 is working on the Content Management System (CMS).  This group will have a recommendation by February 15, 2006 for a CMS for the library website; details regarding the CMS can be found on the library forums.  Implementation of the CMS is on track to be completed by the 2006 Fall Semester.  Group #2 is working on the Library Web Content.  The recent library faculty and staff survey regarding the website is being used to help develop the content for the new website.  In addition, library faculty and departments that currently have no content on the library server are being contacted.  The Web Content Group has a report due April 1, 2006 that will have a plan of attack for updating the current web content including the order in which pages will be converted into the new CMS. 

Other Discussion

Where should SAC be focused over the next several months?

Undergraduate Survey

The undergraduate survey summary will be available soon.  It will be emailed to the SAC the week of February 13.  The summary should be reviewed so that recommendations can be discussed at the next SAC meeting.  Also, it was decided that last year’s recommendations from the Graduate student survey will be resent to the SAC and the Library Executive Committee.

Shepley Bulfinch Report

Most discussion on this topic concerned the focus on enacting the service model portion of the Shepley Bulfinch Report before the building model is in place.  What specifically can be enacted will be discussed in a future SAC meeting. The future SAC discussion will be scheduled before this Spring’s forum, sponsored by the Executive Committee, where this matter will be discussed alongside other concerns such as the timing of the report’s implementation.  Also, everyone was encouraged to look at the integration of the principles from the Scholarly Commons Task Force report into the Shepley Bulfinch report.

Respectfully Submitted,

Chris Stevens

Graduate Assistant to the Coordinator for Information Literacy