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Minutes of Services Advisory Committee Meeting – 01/12/2009

Members Present: Scott Walter (Chair), Pat Allen, Tina Chrzastowski, Kirstin Dougan, Lisa Janicke Hinchliffe, Karen Hogenboom, Tony Hynes, JoAnn Jacoby, Lori Mestre, Lynne Rudasill,  Robert Slater, Peggy Steele

Members Absent: Kathleen Kern 

Appointment of Note Taker (Walter)

In order to allow for better management of human resources in Library Administration, minutes of the Services Advisory Committee (SAC) will henceforth be taken by members. Walter volunteered for the first instance of this "New Minutes Model."

Improving User Services in Digital Environment (Chrzastowski)

Chrzastowski raised a number of questions related to how we might improve the user experience related to location of journal content available on campus, e.g.:

Steele noted that we may be able to address some concerns about making the digital service environment more coherent for users with the implementation of Voyager 7 (see SMU implementation at

After meeting notes:

Assessment of Reference Services (Dougan, et al.)

Dougan noted that the Music and Performing Arts Library will be conducting a WOREP (Wisconsin-Ohio Reference Evaluation Project) survey in Spring 2009. We will be using the Music Library Association variation on the standard WOREP instrument

Walter noted his recent discovery of the READ (Reference Effort Assessment Data) Scale <> and his request that Library Assessment WG review this instrument for possible future use in the Library.

Chrzastowski asked how many units have continued to make use of DeskTracker for  collection of reference statistics since the conclusion of Fall Sweeps Week. The need for DeskTracker follow up was needed, e.g.:

Walter will convey questions to Kern and David Ward for feedback and suggested actions.

The committee briefly discussed the need for greater coordination and support for reference/consulting services across the Library, and possibilities for greater consistency in areas such as training for desk staff, adoption of digital reference services, approaches to assessment of reference service, etc. Walter asked committee members to consider the potential benefit of a Library-wide "reference retreat," or leadership body similar to User Education Committee. This will be a topic for discussion at the next SAC meeting.

Customer Service Working Group (Chrzastowski)

Chrzastowski, Jacoby, and Steele provided a summary of the Customer Service Working Group (Woodard and Schnuer, Co-Chairs) retreat with members of EC/AC/LSSC in the Fall. WG charge and retreat report available at

Chrzastowski reported on planned next steps, including integration of customer service issues into "NSM Stuff" meetings, and dissemination of Library-wide customer service survey.

SAC members reviewed the draft survey instrument and provided feedback to CSWG members. SAC members were asked to provide additional feedback, as needed, to CSWG Co-Chairs.

New Service Models (Jacoby)

Jacoby reported on recent meetings to discuss possible reconfiguration of Central Circulation Desk in order to support the implementation of a "Central Reserves" service for all Main Library units.

Hinchliffe suggested that a meeting to coordinate reserve services between Undergraduate Library and Central Access Services (and to re-consider, if appropriate, the alternative option of centralizing all print reserves in the Main/UGL complex within the Undergraduate Library) should be held soon.


Walter reminded SAC members of the internal search currently being conducted for the position of Head, Undergraduate Library (applications due to Paula Kaufman by February 2, 2009), and encouraged them to help excellent candidates find their way into the pool.

Walter reported on Budget Group discussions of FY10 GA allocations.

Hinchliffe and Allen raised questions regarding FY09 Grad Hourly allocations (pursuant to LIBFAC message of November 26, 2008), and about plans for Summer allocations.

Walter will communicate these questions to Budget Group for review.