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Minutes of Services Advisory Committee Meeting – 1/9/2006

Members Present: Bob Burger – Chair,Patricia Hswe, Lura Joseph, Mary Laskowski, Zoe Revell, Lynne Rudasill, Marek Sroka, Joe Straw, Lisa Hinchliffe, Lori Mestre 

Main Discussion

Survey Summary

The PIs had received suggestions from Ron Banks (Institutional Review Board) in late 2005 mostly concerning the IRB consent form.  Based on those suggestions the consent form is now initially displayed in full rather than condensed.  Also it has been rewritten so that the prize drawing sounds less mandatory.  The survey will be sent as a Massmail to the faculty and APs on March 26, 2006.  Concerning the surveys web-readiness, Lisa will check with the GA from Grainger who is working on it.  There was concern about when and how other Library faculty will be able to view the survey.  It was decided that Lisa will post the survey in Word form on Netfiles.  An invitation for suggestions will be sent after the ALA conference.  Suggestions will be accepted with final approval through the SAC.  There was also a suggestion that a notice be sent to faculty and students before the survey is given.  It was decided that such a notice may adversely affect the surveyed population as well as result in problems with the submitted IRB form and protocol; therefore it was declined.  A reminder of the survey will be sent via Massmail after it begins.  It was decided that our response to the survey is as important as the survey itself.  Therefore our summary and recommendations must be written quickly for posting in the Compendium and Inside Illinois.

New GA Approved

The Executive Committee approved the hiring of a 25% GA for to begin to create a data infrastructure for a Library-wide assessment program.  Initially the GA will gather the past surveys and other assessment data and condensing them into a single data set. This set may be split into one that is available to the public and one that is more secure. The more secure of the two would include an archive of old IRB forms and the Raw Data itself.

Assessment Initiatives in ARL

Lisa and Bob will be attending an ARL assessment meeting at ALA.  There is also a conference on the topic in at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville on September 25-27.  The schools that participated in the ARL Assessment Program are asked to make posters regarding their projects.

Other Points of Interest

Main Library Building

The architect’s (Shepley, Bulfinch, Richardson and Abbott) report of the Main Library building will be completed soon.  It will include their suggestions on the HVAC system as well as the buildings structure.  The physical work itself will not be starting any time soon.

AUL for Services

The AUL for Services job is posted.  Please share with potential candidates.  Karen Schmidt (chair) will send letters and recruitment info if the names are submitted to her.


Paula has brought up an idea of beginning 24/7 reference availability with libraries in South Africa.  The SAC group discussed the feasibility of such a plan.  It was decided that after ALA a group will be organized including possibly Helen Sullivan, David Ward, Kathleen Kern, and anyone else who is qualified or interested.  Jo Kibbee may have information that would be useful regarding a similar discussion with the University of Toronto.

Abandoning Dewey

Though our libraries remain, for the most part, classified under the Dewey system, the discussion about switching from Dewey to LC classification has existed since the late ‘70s.  Bob has suggested a forum this Spring to discuss this issue and possibly create a task force.  The forum would be a place where questions on the issue could be raised.  Bob would write a pro/con document to supplement this event.  There was concern that a forum was only needed if the possibility actually existed.  It was decided that the possibility, indeed, exists.  An important factor of discussion in the forum will be the cost of conversion.  It was decided that a part of the forum should be to discuss how the final decision will be made and by whom.

Verbal Abuse

Recently, incidents with “problem patrons” led to a discussion of verbal abuse from patrons.  This has raised several concerns about how well library employees are trained to handle these situations.  Though an employee’s training includes information on dealing with angry patrons, there may be added problems when that patron is a professor.  Many suggestions were brought up and similar anecdotes were shared by those present.  The issue has raised awareness of verbal abuse in the Library, though a solution to this problem is elusive.


There was some discussion about the Learning Commons.  Current plans call for the Learning Commons to be completed in time for the beginning of the Fall semester.

The Web

A group has been formed to update the current Library Gateway page, with Lynne Rudasill as chair.  The group is starting from the ground up in order to conceptualize the system.  The group will submit a report to this effect by April 1 st. Please make suggestions to Lynne about virtual access, including the gateways of other academic libraries which you find impressive.


Respectfully Submitted,

Chris Stevens

Graduate Assistant to the Coordinator for Information Literacy