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Minutes of Services Advisory Committee Meeting- 01/07/2008

Members Present: Tina Chrzastowski, Meg Burger Lisa Hinchliffe, Lori Mestre, Peggy Steele, Karen Hogenboom, Susie Duncan

Members Absent: Stephanie Davidson, Scott Walter (chair), JoAnn Jacoby

Visitor: Robert Slater

  1. Introduction of Robert Slater
    Robert Slater was introduced at the meeting.  He is the new Web Technologies and Content Coordinator.
  2. Recommendations for the Scholarly Commons Leadership Team
    Scott Walter had asked for recommendations for a subject librarian representative for the Scholarly Commons Leadership Team, a committee with purpose of defining the scholarly commons and facilitating its implementation.  Lisa suggested that at least two or three librarians be appointed: one from reference, one from the arts and humanities, and one from the social sciences, as this would provide more representation of the library and facilitate buy-in across the Library.  Names and alternates were discussed by the committee and Lisa will forward them to Scott.
  3. Library Assessment Working Group
    Tina Chrzastowski reported that the assessment group is meeting tomorrow.  They are still waiting for IRB approval for the LibQual+ survey but plan to administer the survey from March 20 th to April 10 th. ARL assessment conference proposals are due soon but she is not sure if funding will be available for those who want to attend the conference.
  4. Learning Commons
    Karen Hogenboom discussed misrepresentation of information about the learning commons in the scholarly commons overview and asked if the information could be corrected.  Lisa agreed to ask Scott to remove the leading phrase “Like the Learning Commons” in the second paragraph as it states that the Learning Commons is a facility, which it is not.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:30 am.

Respectfully Submitted,


Anna Dombrowski

Graduate Assistant for Office of Services