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Advisory Committee to the AUL for Services

Services Advisory Committee May 15, 2012

  1. Selection of minute taker: Kathleen Kern
  2. Introductions and assessment of who continues on the working group next year.  Present: Sue Searing, Kathleen Kern, David Ward, Beth Woodard, Tony Hynes, Becky Smith, Lisa Hinchliffe, Joe Lenkert, Peggy Steele, JoAnn Jacoby.  Absent:  Pat Allen, Paula Carns, Robert Slater.
  3. OLLI participation
    1. Smith – Concerns with OLLI participants having access to OneSource and other databases. 
    2. Discussion – Our database licenses define our community by who has a NetID.  The OLLI students have NetIDs. This gives them access to our online resources.  Campus considers them to be non-degree students. 
    3. Outcome – Smith will get information from the B-School on number of people turned away from OneSource account creation.  May want to look into this next year in terms of expanding the number of accounts.
  4. New director of IT Production Services
    1. Position will manage personnel and budget in all three groups within IT.
    2. Will report to Beth Sandore.
    3. Steele – Recommends that this person will be on SAC.
  5. Report for Reference Services Committee
    1. Formed in September – implementing Ref NSM report.
    2. Core training program, referrals policy, referrals database, were major projects.
    3. Suggestion – referral database have link to published Outlook calendars for people. The database will list people’s office hours.  Calendar link might be an option.
    4. Virtual reference services policy given to EC. Working on Assessment plan. Hub staffing plan has been drafted.
  6. Report for Diversity Committee – not very active this year.
  7. Report from Library Assessment Working Group
    1. Still awaiting an Assessment Coordinator.  Search is progressing.
    2. Decided to defer LibQual Lite until there is a coordinator.
    3. Committee is interviewing NSM heads/team leaders about assessment plans and experiences with assessment post-implementation to determine themes and inform action for the new Coordinator and SAC/AUL for Services.
    4.  Snapshot Day website up but needs modification.
  8. Report from Staff Development and Training Committee
    1. It has been recommended that the Staff Development and Training Coordinator position be made full time.  The title might change to meet campus standards.  Beth now also has a large role with our open academic searches.
    2. Weakest area is assessment. There has been a lot of training, but not necessarily much assessment of the training.  
    3. Continuing education for GAs is a goal and Beth is working with the RSC.
    4. Trying to put SA training into Compass.
    5. Benefits usage training. 
    6. Wellness program.
    7. Technology training was going strong, but has fallen off a little.
    8. Discussion: We don’t have a culture of using Outlook  or a culture of openness and paying attention to other peoples’ calendars. There isn’t a shared understanding of the value of this.  Therefore we don’t have expected competencies.  How to we promote this culture and then set competencies?
    9. Discussion: what should we do for the June 1 retreat?  No one has responded with the requested internal customer service plan. 
  9. Report from User Education Committee
    1. We have extensive User Ed minutes if anyone wants to look at those.
    2. Assessment has been the focus.
    3. Brought in Megan Oakleaf.
    4. Working on how to engage with the Campus advanced composition requirement.
    5. Virtual learning space is needed: for Savvy Researcher, off-campus classes, staff training.  Looking into Elluminate.
    6. Engaging with the Primo implementation, SFX, and and ORR retirement.
    7. Sending EC a memo requesting another classroom in the library, some component in 306 or 146.
  10. Discussion: Service opportunities and challenges in next 6-12 months
    1. Deferred – will be started via email and continued at the next meeting.
  11. Decision item: Summer meetings.  We will have summer meetings.  They are on our Outlook calendars.