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Advisory Committee to the AUL for User Services

User Services Advisory Committee

Meeting Date: February 12, 2013

Present: Jim Dohle (minute-taker); Kelly McCusker; Susan Schnuer; Sue Searing (chair); Jim Hahn (guest)


1.      Select minute-taker

2.      Additions to agenda?

3.      Library technology prototyping and mobile services (Guest: Jim Hahn)

4.      AUL for User Services annual evaluation and goal setting (Sue)

5.      Agenda items for March discussion with Lisa Hinchliffe:

a.       Best practices for Libguides (Joe) See:

b.      Other?

6.      Digital Content Creation and the need for digitizing reference sources [those outside copyright restrictions] (Joe)

7.      Core competencies for reference services -  revisions are needed and needs to be inclusive (Joe) – See:

8.      Ongoing policy review (Sue et al.) – See:\

9.      Informing the next Dean of Libraries regarding user services (Sue)


3.) Library Technology Prototyping


·         Funding originally provided as an innovation grant

·         Going forward, Jim envisions less consulting and more partnering with units with the goal to empower units to provide services themselves

o   Example: working with RBML to provide enhanced (augmented) reality experience- a 3D pop out on a phone’s screen when the phone camera focuses on a recognized playing card, displaying additional information to users

·         Budget group tentatively approved three year funding plan to use technology prototyping as a value added proposition for the University Library community

·         Technology prototyping service wants to bridge the gap between crazy idea and implemented production technology

·         Discussion:

o   Question from Susan: how can either Jim or the library brand this service for easy referral/recognition?

o   Email or other contact information for technology prototyping service?

§  Need to promote availability/accessibility to library faculty & staff

o   How to implement better way finding in the main library?

§  QR codes, additional signage; perhaps some assistance from tech prototyping service may be useful

o   How are Jim and his group reaching out to students to see what they want to use and how they want to use it?

§  Small student gatherings and focus groups

§  National Leadership Grant (app competition with Computer Science students)

o   Request Jim’s group to shop the knowledge gained, processes used, and projects undertaken back to the University Library community

o   Request Jim’s group to bring student app/software ideas back to the library (specifically USAC) to ask what the library may be interested in pursuing


5.) March USAC discussion with Lisa Hinchliffe

·         Best practices with LibGuides for both instruction and reference

·         A description of some projects Lisa is currently working on

·         In what ways can she support User Services Advisory Committee work?


6.) Digital Content Creation and the need for digitizing reference sources

·         Note: due to limited member attendance, this item is tabled


7.) Core competencies for reference users

·         Note: due to limited member attendance, this item is tabled


8.) Ongoing policy review

·         Discussion of the staff email policy

o   Sue will provide link location

o   To be retired?

·         Request for USAC team to review policies which can potentially be revised or retired


9.) Informing the next Dean of the Libraries regarding user services

·         Original suggestion:

o   Scour file shares and file cabinets for user service related reports completed in the past 5-10 years

o   Determine which reports are relevant for the incoming Dean to review

·         Revised suggestion:

o   Devise a list of 5-10 top things that the new Dean may want to know about user services

o   Then search for reports which relate to the 5-10 items outlined above