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SAC Minutes for 7/17/2012

Main Library Room 428

3-4 PM

Present: Sue Searing, David Ward, JoAnn Jacoby, Tony Hynes, Paula Carns, Robert Slater, Joe Lenkart, Pat Allen, Becky Smith

Absent: Geoff Ross, Lisa Hinchliffe, Kathleen Kern

Minute taker: Robert Slater

Turning LAWG into its own Group

Kathleen and Sue had a discussion about turning LAWG into its own group reporting to the new assessment coordinator, instead of a sub-committee of SAC. Sue will make the official request to EC. We’ll want to make sure that committee members don’t view their role as purely advisory. Like LAWG, the membership will have a great deal of work to do. Sue will make sure the title/charge reflects that.

Revising the charge of this group

Sue shared her suggested revisions to the SAC charge:

Discussion followed about the size and composition of the committee.  Currently there are 7 appointed members plus 6 ex officio members.  Sue would like to add Jen-Chien Yu, the incoming assessment coordinator, and Beth Woodard, who reports through the Office of Services, which would bring the total to 15.  Concerns were raised because too large a membership is unwieldy and results in low turnouts for meetings. Sue wants to ensure that we have a range of perspectives on the committee (e.g. disciplinary diversity, both faculty librarians and staff, and people engaged in new services models as well as traditional core services). SAC recommended specifying an appointed membership of 5-7, and further recommended that ex officio members only attend when there is a relevant agenda item. In addition, USAC meetings should not conflict with other major committees, especially CDC.  Sue will forward the revised charge to the Executive Committee.

Signage for the Third Floor

JoAnn reported that new signage will be created and posted before the Fall Semester, similar to what you can see now on the first floor. We’re holding off for now while the SHHEL consolidation is happening.

Security Cameras

Right now, the decals near the camera areas just indicate they are being handled by UIUC Public Safety.  Staff need more information in order to answer patron questions about the cameras.  Sue will add a link to the campus public safety policy from our own policy site.

Referral database

The group working on this is meeting Thursday to finalize some details. David did a show and tell: . Core Features:  search by subject, person, or unit (all functional);  results have search cross links (clicking a subject area from a person’s information brings up all people in that subject area). The initial information was automatically extracted from the library phone directory, Tom Teper’s list of subject librarians, and Beth Woodard’s directory of language and software expertise, which means there is old, potentially outdated information that will need to be updated before the project goes live.  The idea is that this tool will replace the separate lists that exist now.

The referral form sends an email, but doesn’t create a “ticket.” David will follow up with Bill Mischo on how the data is being archived; they’ve built that feature in so they can do some follow-up work with users to assess how well the referral system is working.

Concern was expressed about people being away (e.g. for vacations or conferences); routing referrals to unit email addresses could be more efficient. It might be possible to modify individuals’ entries so requests go to the individual and to a unit email/alias as well (if it exists).  Integration with DeskTracker at the conclusion of a referred reference interaction is desirable, but this is not part of the current software.

Two suggestions were made to modify the wording on the referral form.   Because the designation of “staff” to mean any library employee may be confusing, alternatives were suggested.  And because not all patrons will be students, the field for “assignment due date” should have a more general label like “needed by.”

The subject line of the email you receive from this will be: Reference Referral Request.

How can we know that the person we’re referring a question to is going to be available? It would be nice to integrate the individual’s availability information from their Outlook Calendar. This is not possible in this version. It was suggested that a user editable field be added for providing a link to, or information about, the librarian’s general availability.

Unified Library Orientation

Before fall semester starts, it would be helpful to have (a) a combined schedule of orientation activities planned by various library units, and (b) a guide to available materials (like the Library in a Box from the Advancement Office, handouts, Library-branded freebies, etc.).  Sue will connect with Lisa about this.

Addition to Agenda: Technology for Nomadic Librarians

What technology should be available for embedded librarians who move between various service points and offices? This is an immediate concern for Funk librarians who will be covering service points in several buildings in the fall but have not been able to obtain laptops or other mobile platforms through Library IT. Sue will discuss this with Beth Sandore.

Service Opportunities/Priorities

SAC can contribute to advancing the Library’s strategic initiatives by identifying both ongoing services and services that need to be designed and implemented.  (See  Sue proposes to go through her own notes, and past SAC materials, to annotate the Strategies Initiatives document for SAC’s review. David would like SAC to suggest some first 6-month priorities for the new assessment coordinator.

Regular Meeting Date/Times

The group concurred that Tuesday at 3pm will continue to work (for the current membership) as a regular meeting time.

4:00 PM Meeting Adjourned


Next meeting = Tuesday, August 21, 3-4pm, 428 Main Library