Library Committee Handbook

Administrative Council

2012 Retreat Follow-up Documents

Follow up Activities

  1. 1.       Who are your Customers?

Identify core customers, regular customers, occasional customers, people who should be customers, but aren’t (example of concentric circles could be used)

Core customers




Occasional users


People who should be customers, but aren’t.

  1. 2.       What are your services?

Identify what services those internal customers are using (perhaps use a grid to match services to what internal customers are using).


Core Customers


Occasional users

Those who don’t use our services
























  1. 3.      Identify Best Practices

Identify best practices in good internal customer service and share.  What are you doing well that you think others need to know about?




  1. 4.      Identify target areas to improve

Option 1:  Interview core customers.  See sample questions for core customers

Improving Your Service

Instructions: On a scale of 1–10 (1 being low and 10 being high), rate the level of service you provide your most important internal customer.

My Rating (on a scale of 1–10):_______________________________


In the near future, contact this customer and have him or her answer the questions below to help you target areas to improve. Once your customer has answered the questions, ask him or her to rate your overall internal customer service on the same scale as noted above.

1. What service or product do you need from me in order to do your job well?

2. Why do you depend on me to provide this product or service?

3. What am I not adequately providing you related to customer service?

4. In your opinion, what areas in customer service should I concentrate on?

5. Am I providing anything to you that you no longer need?

6. Any additional comments?

Customer Rating (on a scale of 1–10):____________________________




Option 2:  Create an internal customer journey map, or work flow


Option 3:  Create an Action Plan for Improving service to Internal Customers


Creating an Action Plan

Instructions: Write a brief response to the following statements. These responses will form the basis for creating an action plan to work more effectively with your internal customers.

  1. With the video But I Don’t Have Customers in mind, think about how you currently deal with internal customers. List those things that you feel are your strengths.




  1. Think about what you dislike about your ability to handle internal customers. Based on the session and the discussions, list those areas that you feel need improvement.



  1. List the steps you will take to improve your internal customer service skills.




  1. How will you know when you have improved?