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WebJunction: Illinois

WebJunction, founded by the Gates Foundation, and administered by OCLC, is locally funded by the Illinois State Library. WebJunction supports  library staff through online resources, community and continuing education.  The State Library has PREPAID for Illinois library staff who are  registered users of WebJunction Illinois. When you click on the WebJunction Course Catalog link, you'll find a wealth of courses - both self-paced and facilitated. 

Please keep in mind that although these courses are truly free to registered users of WebJunction  Illinois, there has been a fee pre-paid by the Illinois State Library, and each time you enroll  in a course, there is a cost deducted from that pre-paid amount. With that in mind, we  encourage you to take advantage of the free continuing education, but follow these simple guidelines:


The  LibraryU course catalog offers over 50 free web- based learning modules for library staff. Supported by the Illinois State Library, Illinois regional library systems and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation,

OPAL - Online Programming for All Libraries

OPAL is an international collaborative effort, initiated in Illinois by the Alliance Library System, to provide web-based programs and training for library users and library staff members. Visit the  OPAL Archives for an extensive menu of archived programs.