Library Committee Handbook

Administrative Council

Permission to Film in Library Facilities

All photographic, video, or audio recordings made within University Library facilities must be authorized by the Library. Use of Library facilities for photographs, video, or audio recording is governed by the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign policy on the “Use of University Name, Image, or Logos,” which states that:

Use of some locations . . . requires special permission in certain circumstances. For example, special permission is needed for access to certain areas (classrooms, residence halls, laboratories, athletic facilities, offices); for activities that might interrupt the normal flow of student life, business, or traffic; and for activities that involve University staff time or resources (" Use of University Name, Image, or Logos").

Because the mission of the University Library is to provide and promote an atmosphere conducive to teaching, learning, and research, we reserve the right to limit photographic, video, or audio recording activities to assure that this atmosphere is maintained. In general, access will be limited to public areas of the University Library, but access to staff areas and other areas closed to the public may be evaluated and approved on a case-by-case basis.

The University Librarian or the Associate University Librarian for Services must authorize any use of Library facilities. Interested parties should request permission to film or otherwise record in Library facilities through the Office of the Associate University Librarian for Services. Any questions or concerns about these activities may be directed either to the Director of Library Facilities or to the Associate University Librarian for Services. Upon request, the Library reserves the right to ask any individual or group to cease photographic, video, or audio recording, and, if appropriate, to refer individuals or groups to the University Office of Public Affairs.

11/7/06 (draft)