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Administrative Council Meeting Minutes for 20 February 2012

Administrative Council Meeting Minutes for February 20, 2012
1:30pm Room 428

Present: Tom Teper (Chairing for Paula Kaufman), Scott Walter, Marek Sroka, Carolyn Szylowicz, Cherie' Weible, Pat Allen, Tina Chrzastowski, Lisa Romero, Jenny Johnson, Mary Laskowski, Chris Johns 

Absent: Paula Kaufman, Beth Sandore

1.  Discussion of Academic Hourly Employees

(Mary Laskowski, Cindy Kelly) 25 minutes
Cindy was out; this item has been moved to the next meeting.

2.  Unified Communications discussion including Lync Client decisions concerning local and long distance calling

(Peggy Steele, Lee Galaway) 20 minutes

Most units on campus have Lync installed now.

3 levels of permissions exist (for outgoing calling, incoming is not affected):

Paula has suggested we all have Level 4 and use calling cards for long-distance service. We don’t yet know what CITES is going to charge for Level 7 or Level 8, or if calling cards would be less expensive. Currently, almost half of Library staff have level 7 and or 8. It may be least expensive to use calling cards for Level 7, but may not be less expensive for Level 8.

Facilities will manage all Lync environment phone accounts. Starting July 1 charges will begin for long-distance calls, but we probably won’t receive any billing for them before then. Once we decide on what levels are needed, Matt will communicate these to CITES/telecom. Past levels have been carried over to Lync; the default is Level 7.  The suggestion was made to just assign all staff at one level (with exceptions as duties required) and all faculty and APs at another level. Then, we could deal with encouraging folks to use calling cards as appropriate as it was stated that, apparently, the calling cards we have are only cost effective for domestic long-distance. Note that faxes are not supported in the Lync environment.

Susan Edwards will be assessing calling card rates vs. CITES rates before making a decision about which method to use for different levels of calls. This topic will be revisited in AC during April or May (likely May since CITES has not promised rates until at least April).

Long-distance permissions need to be set for both Individual phones and for unit phones.

Voice mail
Some unit phones will need voice mail, others won’t. Peggy will send out a LibNews to unit heads regarding their needs.

Units that are currently set up have been invited to select individual phone devices. A web page will be available soon describing the 5 available unit devices with a web form to submit requests. Samples of each device are now set up in Library IT for people to try them out. Calls can be rolled-over from the unit phone to individual phones (setting up is by team—changes can be made any time (no need to submit a work ticket). Undergrads who don’t have Lync accounts will be able to answer and call from unit phones.

3. Virtual Reference Policy

(informational item, David Ward) 10 minutes
David was out; this item has been moved to the next meeting.

4.  Review Policy on the Identification Required for Library Services

(Scott Walter, Cherie' Weible) 10 minutes

___________________________________________________ :

ID Card Required for Services

A valid identification card is required to obtain services at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Library.

The following ID cards are accepted:

Identification cards will be accepted only if presented by the person to whom the card was issued.  Unless the cardholder is a proxy for another patron, cards may only be used for transactions of the cardholder.


Revisiting this policy is in response to a user complaint that we were being inconsistent for example by using a Driver’s License for ID, which is not permitted—there are no exceptions. Passports have been taken as ID in some Libraries, and they are also not permitted.

A Driver’s License or Passport is accepted as ID for obtaining a courtesy card because these are proof of residency and cards are mailed to the home address.

Using name only can easily lead to mistakes in patron ID especially in Voyager, reserves, circulation use where the I-Card number would avoid this problem.

Wording of the Policy needs some tweaking, specifically the word “services”  should be more specific, and a statement of what is not acceptable ID should be posted.

People we know, no matter who, without an I-Card cannot gain access by looking up by name or other ID.

Stacks used to have a 2-freebie look-up policy which was a hassle to track, so this won’t happen.  

Computer access does not require and ID at this time.


Research and Publications Committee (RPC) will be hosting these upcoming events:

The March AC meeting is scheduled during Spring Break. An email will be sent out to see who will be attending.

Meeting adjourned at 2:15pm

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