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Administrative Council

Administrative Council Minutes May 16, 2011


Administrative Council Meeting

Monday, May 16, 2011
1:30-3pm, room 428


Present: Beth Sandore, chair, Tina Chrzastowski, Mary Laskowski, Lisa Romero, Scott Schwartz, Marek Sroka, Caroline Szylowicz, Tom Teper, David Ward, Cherie Weible, Gil Witte, and Greg Youngen.


Guests: Lee Galaway, Peggy Steele and Jason Strutz.


1.       Library IT priorities discussion (Beth Sandore, Jason Strutz, Peggy Steele, Lee Galaway)


Spreadsheets describing desired levels of Library IT services for Public-facing, Staff-facing and Internal to Library IT services, were reviewed. Lib IT is in process of seeking input from others (EC, AC, etc). These are posted to the Library IT wiki:

Key to levels:

Within the next couple of months, the Library will be using an alternate 24/7 phone response system handled by AITS. They will field to on-call Library IT staff or transmit to appropriate non-IT staff the next day. This will replace calling Grainger.


2 "D-level" categories in public service were discussed. Regarding ORR, Teper stated that we don't have anyone to maintain this, and SFX will support most of those functions in the future. Sandore stated that ORR has been around 7-8 years, and only now is a commercial product that comes close to this level of support available. The function is the priority, not the product, for delivery. Teper mentioned this was brought up in CAPT last week-that we are not talking about getting away from A-Z access to journal articles, but rather finding alternative means of doing it. On the 4-level classification rating system, functionality that ORR has supported = HA, while ORR as a product = D.


The ExLibris SFX system and the ORR both provide ejournal listings, with the ExLibris SFX A-Z journal list being the more updated service of the two. Sandore reiterated the importance of the list of services, and noted that that CAPT is considering the question of replacing the ORR at its June meeting.  The IT Prioritization and Review working group would be oversee the operational aspects of the upgrade if CAPT makes a recommendation to move forward. . EC is probably not the group where this level of information needs to be discussed.

Illinois Harvest was the second "D" category, brought up by Steele. Materials can probably go into Hathi Trust.


In response to a question, Steele stated that Lib Print is rated HA because of extended availability-24 hours at Grainger. It should probably be EA not HA.  Sandore noted that HA services are those that users need to function on a 24-hour basis to support research (e.g., EasySearch, the proxy service, the SFX linking service.

Schwartz asked how this will be resolved. Steele stated IT is taking this to other groups for input. There might not be many conflicts in prioritizing. Fall is a reasonable time-frame to have the final breakdown of priorities. She stated that spreadsheets are not complete (there are empty slots for some service managers, for example), or static documents, but will grow and change as time goes on.


2.       Update on CITES Unified Communications project (Beth Sandore, Peggy Steele)

Sandore described the CITES Unified Communication project as a campus-wide migration from Express email to Microsoft Exchange email and calendar systems, and also from a Centrex telephone system to a voice over IP (VOIP) system.  Peggy, Lee and Jason are working on this at the campus-level.  Library staff and faculty advisory team for this transition include: Tanya Webb, Kim Matherly, Beth Woodard and Cindy Ingold.


Steele stated there are two pieces to this: email & phone. Everyone in the Library will be migrated to Exchange 2010 for email and calendar functions by November 2011. Those who are not currently using Exchange are primarily staff (~200) who haven't had calendar accounts. Last summer's migration was a learning time, and Lib IT anticipates the likelihood that it won't be a totally smooth transition. The Library is required to allocate internal staff support for email and calendar migration issues because CITES is not in a position to provide support campus-wide.


Email server (Exchange 2010) and Outlook 2010 (MS mail client) are two separate things.

Over the summer the Library will be upgrading each staff and public workstation operating system to Windows 7. It makes sense to upgrade everything all at once as CITES upgrades to Microsoft Exchange.

June 2012 is the deadline for the phone migration. We don't know what the equipment will look like yet (headphone and mic likely for the most part), especially for the traditional-looking phone-like pieces.


The current focus is on email migration. After getting past that, IT will deal with equipment and other communication needs. Units will require the functionality of multi-user access to email accounts (currently using Squirrel mail), but we are not yet sure how the new system will meet those needs.


Sandore stated that how we decide to handle the phone tree when the power is down is an important consideration that needs to stay in view. CITES expects that we will end up keeping a certain number of land lines. Because other units are working with CITES ahead of us, our move onto the new system should be someone easier than if we were the first unit.  


There will be one year of overlap of the 2 systems, which will require a one-time increase in cost, followed by ~18% annual cost savings for each year thereafter.


3.       Follow-up on Special Collections report/survey discussion (Scott Schwartz)


Teper said he and Scott Schwartz have talked about this and will field a preliminary survey to unit heads in the early part of fall, followed by a more detailed survey later in the semester to a broader audience. Questions are being worked on.  


As an aside, the Center for Media Excellence Survey is carrying out their survey now. Mary Laskowski is involved with Jennifer Teper who is currently working with Colleen Cook on a cross-campus catalogue of all media (including digital.)


Announcements: None

Adjourn. 2:35.

Notes: Chris Johns & Caroline Szylowicz