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Administrative Council

Administrative Council Minutes April 18, 2011




April 18, 2011


428 Library


Present: Present: Scott Walter, chair, Tina Chrzastowski, Mary Laskowski, Lisa Romero, Scott Schwartz, Marek Sroka, Caroline Szylowicz, Tom Teper, David Ward, Gil Witte, Greg Youngen; Recording - Kim Matherly


1.     Fines and fees and/or policies related to BUO items - Tom Teper

Grainger is having issues with Building Use Only materials. Fines are so low that it doesn't deter patrons from taking the items out of the building and holding them for extended periods of time.


David Ward will check with the Voyager Circulation and Reserves Team regarding a more viable fee structure overall and specifically, additional charges for BUO and special items, including media and reserves. David will have fees and fines info by the May meeting.


2.     Can/should we add a special collections component to the annual unit reports for those units that have special collections materials but are not directly associated with the Special Collections Division? - Scott Schwartz

Scott would like to know what libraries have special collections and how the items are being cared for. He would like an item added to the unit annual report that describes what special collections materials each library may be holding, where they are being held and how they are being cared for. There was discussion on the definition of "special collections." Some members felt it wasn't an item for the unit annual report, but that Scott should contact each library individually and ask. In the end it was decided that the question will be referred to CDC for discussion and Tom will bring a recommendation back to the next AC meeting.