Library Committee Handbook

Administrative Council

Administrative Council Minutes March 15, 2010


AC meeting: March 15, 2010
Time: 1:30-3:00
Place: 428 Main Library


Present: Paula Kaufman, chair, Tim Cole (for Tina Chrzastowski), Tony Hynes, Mary Laskowski, Lisa Romero, Beth Sandore, Scott Schwartz, Marek Sroka, Bruce Swann (for Caroline Szylowicz), Tom Teper, Scott Walter, David Ward, Greg Youngen; visitors - Rod Allen, Susan Edwards, Cindy Kelly; recording - Kim Matherly



1) Budget (Kaufman)

The State owes the University approximately $500 million. It is unclear whether we will see any of that by the end of the fiscal year. Next year doesn't look any better. The University is planning for the worst possibility. Non-instructional units will be cut more than instructional units. The Library is a non-instructional unit. The Library's cut will likely be at least $2 million; that's in addition to what we have given back this fiscal year.


EC advises that we start planning for cuts up to 20%, excluding collections. (We currently have 24 applications for separation/retirement.) Each division should develop a plan for a 20% reduction. In this exercise, each Division will determine its priorities (what functions are important to keep) and then list how it will achieve a 20% reduction. The only lines that can be cut are staff, GAs, APs and students.


The Divisions will have until March 30 to send Paula their 20% reduction plan.


2) Discussion of Summer 2010 Hours (Walter)

AC discussed possible scenarios for reducing summer hours. The Divisions will discuss these and send suggest hours to Scott by March 19. The Budget Group will then put together a proposal.


3) SCMC Marketing Lecture with Scott Henderson (Schwartz)

This workshop is on March 31. Scott Henderson will be speaking about how to market the Library Collections, Programs and Services. The workshop keynote and sessions run from 9:00am-4:00pm in 335 Grainger.  Go to to sign-up.  Register for individual sessions or all three.


4) GA Allocations- Voluntary reassignment of Division Coordinator GAs (Ward)

AC discussed voluntary reassignment of the Division Coordinator's GAs. This could free up money for functions we determine are more strategically important. The .25 FTE could be counted towards the 20% reduction. The Budget Group could reallocate the GAs based on priorities received from the Divisions.


5) Library IT Resource Allocation Planning Framework for 2010-2012 (Sandore) Draft Planning Document is available at:

      Beth is asking for input from the Divisions as to what the priorities should be for the Library going forward.