Library Committee Handbook

Administrative Council


Administrative Council
Monday March 16


Room 428

Present: Paula Kaufman, chair; Tina Chrzastowski; Tony Hynes; Sue Searing; Scott Schwartz; Marek
Sroka; Mary Stuart; Tom Teper; David Ward; Lynn Wiley; Greg Youngen, Visitors - Bernice Harrington,
Cindy Kelly, Jeff Schrader; Kim Matherly, recording
Update on the response to the Provost's letter - Tom
We are in the process of scheduling three open meetings so we can get feedback on the three
different reports/discussions currently in process - Area and International Studies, Government
Information, and the Science Libraries. The AULs will then take the feedback and craft the first
draft of the Library's response to the Provost's letter. Faculty should feel free to invite
teaching faculty to the open meetings. The reports are on the EC web site and the NSM website. 

Employee Protection Process (EPP) - Bernice Harrington, Cindy Kelly
F&S has developed these training modules for employees. They consist of three modules: Lifting
strong, Standing strong, and Get a grip. The training is to teach employees how to lift, stand and
sit ergonomically.
The Library would like each division to nominate one faculty or AP and two staff members to be on a
steering committee. This steering committee would learn the modules and then training others in the
Library. Those training sessions will take place in fall 2009.
      The benefit of these sessions is that it helps eliminate workers' comp claims, keeps
employees safe and is a great morale booster. Please send Cindy and/or Bernice the names of the
people in your division who will be a part of the steering committee before the next AC meeting
(April 20).
Summer hours discussion/vote - David

Plan for summer hours as suggested by the CAS unit in CPS:
Summer I: Mon-Fri 8:30-5:00, Sat/Sun 1:00-5:00
Summer II: Mon-Fri 8:30-6:00, Sat/Sun 1:00-5:00
The committee agreed on the hours for the main Library building only. Grainger and other outside
libraries may not cut back quite this far.
Report from the Strategic Communications and Marketing Committee (SCMC) - Scott S.
The SCMC wants to meet with Divisions to talk about the Library motto: "Uncover and Discover." They
are trying to market in a more positive light. Each year they plan to introduce a new motto with a
unique theme to get people thinking about Library services and the collections. They are also
planning to put the motto on the gateway. Please contact Scott Schwartz and let him know when he,
as chair of the SCMC, can visit each division.
Centralization of serial check-in, binding, and other duplicated services in the

departmental libraries
Paula is meeting tomorrow with all the units, that do duplicate serial check-ins to discuss
barriers to the work being done centrally in Acquisitions. The Library is looking at tasks that are
being duplicating and for ways to streamline what we do, so that staff can be used more efficiently
to do things that are most important.
Next steps: TSD will work with interlibrary loans, gift books, and binding to find out what kind of
work is done on a regular basis that could take the place of duplicate work. These tasks would be
done by the individual in their unit. What are the expectations? What is the methodology for
distributing work and checking to make sure it is done appropriately. Lynn, Tom, Cherié, and
Michael Norman will be looking into this. Chemistry volunteered to Pilot whatever they come up