Library Committee Handbook

Administrative Council

Administrative Council Minutes

February 18, 2008
1:30-3:00 p.m.
428 Library

Present: Scott Walter, chair, Tina Chrzastowski, Tony Hynes, Bill Maher, Sue Searing, Mary Stuart, Tom Teper, , David Ward, Karen Wei, Lynn Wiley, Greg Youngen; Visitors: Bill Mischo, Robert Slater, John Weible; Recording: Kim Matherly

1. Update on Gateway Web Site Conversion and CMS Implementation (Mischo, Slater, J.Weible)

Robert Slater introduced himself as the new Web Technologies and Content Coordinator. Robert will be making appointments to meet with each Division to find out their technical competencies and work with them on getting transferring content to the CMS. Camilla Fulton has been expanding on the CMS help documentation that was started by IT/ISD and the WCWG SWOT team, as well as preparing training modules. Within the next few weeks the documentation and training modules will be completed. Robert and Camilla are also continuing individual training sessions as requested and will begin division/unit level training as soon as the training modules are completed.

The Web Content Working Group has hired its first student to help units with the transfer of content to the CMS.

Several unit and department Web sites make use of templates designed by Erik Kraft. Fulton is working on CMS templates that will allow users to employ the CMS to create Web pages with a look and feel similar to the "Kraft" pages."

There are some new features coming like RSS feeds and the ability to link to the library hours automatically. They are also working on mounting faculty and APs bios into the CMS. They are one to two weeks away from finishing populating those pages. Then the users will be able to make changes to the pages themselves. If you have not submitted your bio you can send it to Barry Bailey <>.

Robert's web page is at You can check there for updates and announcements.

Bill Mischo handed out a spreadsheet (see that showed how often a user clicked on certain choices from the main Gateway page during Fall 2007. This information may be used to guide future development of the Gateway.

The "Subject Resource Guides" link on the Gateway now points to the "Webguides" listing available through the LEARN site ( Anyone wishing to add resources to this list should contact Merinda Hensley <>.

2. Update on GSLIS Early GA Review Process (Walter)

There is a group currently interviewing GAs by phone-Kathleen Kern, Amy Killoran, Chris Quinn, Mary Schlembach and David Ward. They received approximately 30 names from GSLIS and five have dropped out. They started the process by sending some basic questions to all the students by email. They also requested permission to look at the admissions essays. The group will meet next week to make recommendations to GSLIS. Specific librarians will then be able to make follow-up contact with any of the GAs that look promising for their area. The names the Library gives to GSLIS are guaranteed an assistantship with the Library. The students have until April 15 to commit to coming to UIUC. There is info about each of the students through the Library HR website.

3. Selecting Materials for Remote Storage (T. Teper)

   (See handout at ).

   The guidelines were passed by CDC in January. There was discussion about the line "In the model chosen, cost effective operations require that items in the facility circulate an average of fewer that three times in a given year of operational time." Some of the members felt this line was unclear and should be removed. Tom will edit the guidelines accordingly. 

4. GA allotments/assignments and the philosophy behind them (Walter)

   Some members felt it would be beneficial to know the thought process that went into the assignments. 

   Walter referred to the original e-mail on GA allocations sent to Library faculty in August, and again in October, which articulated the following "rationale for allocation":  

Walter further identified the following as questions asked of each proposal by Budget Group members: 

  5. Announcements/Updates

   Wiley-people in her division request that Scott send out information about emergency procedures.