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Administrative Council

Administrative Council Minutes

October 15, 2007
428 Library

Present: Beth Sandore, chair, Tina Chrzastowski, Tony Hynes, Bill Maher, Mary Stuart, Tom Teper, David Ward, Karen Wei, Lynn Wiley, Becky Smith
Visitors: Bill Mischo, Jeff Schrader
Recording: Greg Youngen

  1. Update on Gateway conversion progress – Sandore, Mischo

    Beth reported that all Divisions have now submitted names of at least one CMS Liaison (17 total).  The primary tasks of the liaisons are: 1) train unit personnel on the CMS software for updating pages, and 2) coordinate the Division conversion process.

    Two dates have been set for Web Content Development Divisional Liaisons training: Nov 13 (9am-12) and Nov 15(1:30-4:30pm). The sessions are identical - liaisons only need to attend one.

    File conversion and updating is going to take a considerable amount of time – more than the Liaisons can handle. Extra support will be made available for units that don’t have enough experienced personnel for the conversion process. The Liaisons will need to collect information on the number of staff (including students & GA’s) in each unit currently updating web content. This will determine how much extra help may be needed to assist units in the conversion process.  Systems has some funding available to help provide units with additional support (student or grad hourly), but first they need to know how many staff hours, and which units, are available to work on it now.

    B. Mischo said that we don't know how long the conversion process will take, but there is a considerable amount of work to be done.  Beth added other academic libraries that have been through the process have been at it 18 months to two years, and some still haven't completed conversion. Beth also noted the Library plans to decide by the end of the academic year whether we will continue with the CMS.

    There was a question about old and new web pages co-existing.  The web pages on Cooper and the new CMS will run on different servers, and will not co-exist publicly.  Once the unit enables the CMS, Cooper’s pages will no longer be accessible.  However, the old content will be archived on Cooper and available if needed.  It was suggested that units should review and clean up their directories prior to CMS conversion.

    Another question arose about the use of LibGuides with the new system.  It appears the CMS won’t index LibGuides content since it resides on servers outside the University.  This should not discourage the use of LibGuides as subject pathfinders, but it will make them a little more difficult to locate.

  2. Faculty and Committee webpage redesign/revisions – Sandore, Mischo

    Beth reported that most faculty web pages on the Library server are considerably out of date.  In an effort to get the content updated and accessible, she proposed offering a mechanism for editing faculty web pages and linking the web pages to the Library’s Staff Directory. This will ensure the names of faculty who’ve left the University are removed from the listing, however emeritus faculty will remain listed.  An announcement of the new editing capabilities will be forthcoming sometime after the Web CMS training sessions are completed, post-Nov. 15.

    We discussed updating faculty web pages centrally by loading the curriculum vitae submitted to the Library Office last year, and Beth will explore this idea further.

    The web pages for committees also need attention.  A process for updating needs to be established.  Beth and Scott will be discussing the policy for faculty and committee pages – what’s to be included, format, etc. and report back to AC in November.

  3. Voyager slowness update - Sandore

    Beth reported that slowness in the Voyager system is being felt throughout the I-Share system.  CARLI is working on balancing the server loads to reduce the slow responses we’ve all been experiencing.  They are also working with Ex-Libris and our hardware configuration vendors to determine where the problems might be coming from.  Meetings are scheduled in the next two weeks to explore new options.

    B. Mischo reported receiving inquiries about whether the “Easy Search” feature in the new Gateway may be affecting system performance.  The very short-session queries of Easy Search are not contributing to the Voyager problems.

    Units should be reminded not to send Voyager UB hold slips through campus mail.  This may compromise privacy of individual circulation records.  Units should contact the Telephone Center by phone to report UB errors.  There will be a Voyager FAQ posted about this soon.

  4. Approval of FY08 Calendar –J. Schrader

    Jeff distributed copies of the FY08 Library Calendar.  The reduced service days of Dec. 27, 28 & 31 were noted.  They will be handled the same as last year, with Grainger, Main Stacks Circulation and Law being the only units open. AC approved the calendar.

  5. Announcements

    CAMELS update – L. Wiley

    Lynn and M. Norman have come up with a strategy for covering the work previously done by the CAMELS team.  Their respective divisions will train staff to assist during the high-volume periods experienced by several units at regular times through the academic year.  Katie Dorsey will head up this group.