Library Committee Handbook

Administrative Council

Administrative Council Minutes

August 21, 2006

428 Library

Present: Karen Schmidt, chair, Alvan Bregman (for Bill Maher), Bob Burger, Tina Chrzastowski, Betsy Kruger, Miranda Remnek (for Karen Wei), Dee Shonkwiler, Becky Smith (for Lisa Romero), Mary Stuart, Lynn Wiley, Greg Youngen


  1. AC this year, life without Paula, workings of the group, topics to take on over this next academic year (Karen)

    Karen welcomed two new members, Mary Stuart and Greg Youngen. Karen will continue to meet weekly with Paula so Paula will be kept informed of the activities of the Library for her return next spring.

    Tina Chrzastowski and Greg Youngen agreed to serve as the agenda committee for the coming year. If there are topics anyone on the committee would like to talk about, let Greg or Tina know.

  2. Policy on Use of Library Conference Rooms (Tina, Bob)

    346 Library should be removed from the list of available rooms and B should be added to 225. Otherwise the plan was approved.

  3. Election of representative to the Budget Group (Karen)

    Lynn Wiley was elected as AC representative to the Budget Group.

  4. Joint AC/EC meeting? agenda for that meeting?

    AC & EC will have a joint meeting on September 22 to discuss the strategic plan.

  5. Library Updates

    Karen - The Chancellor has approved $1 million for a feasibility study of the Library. It will take about a year to do the study.

    Bob – AFSCME 698 – the second negotiating meeting was in August. Some progress has been made and they will meet again on August 31. Both sides are hopeful that this will be resolved soon.

    Visiting assistant professors will not be receiving raises at this time because they are trying to form a union.

    Bob also wanted to remind everyone that the only person authorized to make offers to faculty and APs is the University Librarian or her designee (who has been the AUL for Services).

    The call has been made for sabbaticals. After 9/30, Scott Walter will be handling these. Sabbaticals must be approved by divisional advisory committee. The divisions should prioritize the requests if they have more than one and make an appointment with the AUL for Services to discuss how the positions being vacated by the faculty member, will be covered. They will also need to submit this plan in writing to the AUL for Services along with the reason this sabbatical is important. Scott has to send these forward to campus by December 1.