Library Committee Handbook

Administrative Council

Administrative Council Minutes

July 16, 2007
428 Library

Present: Scott Walter, chair, Tina Chrzastowski, Tony Hynes (LSSC), Bill Maher, Miranda Remnek (for Karen Wei), Sue Searing, Mary Stuart, David Ward, Lynn Wiley; Greg Youngen
Visitor: Rod Allen
Recording: Kim Matherly

  1. Y08 Budget Overview

    Rod Allen gave an overview. Paula Kaufman will get into more specifics at the August 1 All-staff Budget meeting.

  2. Diversity Discussion

    Postponed – Draft Web site available at <>

  3. Discussion of New Service Models submitted by divisions

    The service models have been posted to the G drive for everyone to look at. Some Divisions have not met to discuss the other service models. Technical Services is looking at how they can work with other divisions.

    The Provost wants progress made in consolidating service points. How will we reduce service points? AC felt there should be a task force appointed to look at the ‘big picture’ and make recommendations very quickly and then someone needs to make final decisions so we can begin to move forward.

    There are two things we have to do:

    1. Service point consolidation
    2. Rearranging staff and faculty work hours to better meet user needs.
  4. Update on Registered Student Organization Space Reservation Process

    Scott Walter sent out an email with the information. He will be working with Grainger and in the Main Library to find spaces for RSOs to use.

  5. Review Unit Annual Report Guidelines (FY07)

    It was determined that the Annual Report will stay basically the same as last year, with additional GA information requested. Next year the report will change to gather a broader range of data that can be directed toward Library and campus reporting requirements.

  6. Elect new Agenda Committee

    David Ward and Greg Youngen were elected to serve as the Agenda Committee for the coming academic year.

  7. Volunteer for Representative to Budget Group

    Mary Stuart volunteered to serve as the AC representative to the Budget Group for the coming academic year.

  8. Discussion of CAMELS Report

    AC reviewed the report of CAMELS activity since 2004 provided by Sandy Wolf. UGL reserves processing takes up the bulk of the CAMELS time. Lynn Wiley volunteered staff from Acquisitions to help with e-reserves. Sandy Wolf is willing to continue to serve as coordinator for CAMELS.