Library Committee Handbook

Administrative Council

Administrative Council Minutes

April 17, 2006
428 Library

Present: Paula Kaufman-chair, Bob Burger, Tina Chrzastowski, Jenny Johnson (for Bill Maher), Janis Johnston, Al Kagan (for Karen Wei), Tom Kilton, Betsy Kruger, Beth Sandore, Karen Schmidt, Sue Searing, Dee Shonkwiler, Lynn Wiley,
Visitors: Theresa Harris, Lisa Hinchliffe, Mary Laskowski;
Recording: Kim Reynolds

  1. Plan for Locating the Media Collection in Open Stacks - Laskowski, Hinchliffe

    See attached.

    Gaming Tournament – gaming will be used as an outreach mechanism, especially to undergraduates. The Tournament will take place on April 29 from 7:00-10:00pm on the upper level. There will also be a dance revelation board. Pre-registrations is required for the tournament. Chris Hamb has developed a gaming website. His research involves gaming as an education tool.

  2. Emergency Telephone Tree - Burger, T. Harris

    See attached.

    Messages are called into the University Librarian’s office, the Phone Center, etc. Sometimes these messages are emailed to LibNews, other times there is a public address through or PA system, and at other times the phone-tree is initiated.

    It was suggested that signs be put up when everyone has been evacuated to the basement so people coming into the Library will know to go to the basement.

  3. Announcements and Updates

    Pictures of entrants to the edible book contest can be found at .