Library Committee Handbook

Administrative Council

Administrative Council Minutes

October 18, 2004
1:30-3:30 p.m.
428 Library

Present:  Paula Kaufman, Diane Schmidt, Barbara Ford, Rod Allen, Sue Sue Searing, Karen Schmidt, John Weible, Tina Chrzastowski, Bob Burger, Lisa Hinchliffe, Betsy Kruger, Karen Wei, Joyce Wright, Tom Kilton, Bill Maher

  1. Recommendation on Composition, Meeting Schedule, and Operating Procedures for the Library’s Administrative Council

    The committee discussed what should be the charge and function of administrative council.  There was further discussion about membership and size of the committee.  Lisa H., Lisa G., and Diane S. will meet and revise the charge of the OC as presented in the draft document.

  2. Demonstration on file sharing

    Betsy Kruger, John Weible, Sue Searing gave demonstrations on different ways that files can be shared without out using the attachment feature in e-mail.