Library Committee Handbook

Administrative Council

Administrative Council Minutes

July 18, 2005
1:30-3:00 pm
428 Library

Present: Paula Kaufman, Diane Schmidt, Betsy Kruger, Tina Chrzastowski, Karen Schmidt, Michael Norman (for Lisa German) Miranda Remnek, Sue Searing, Beth Sandore, Bill Maher, Tom Kilton, Jan Adamczyk
Guests: Tom Teper, John Weible, Karen Hogenboom

  1. ID and Key Card Policies – Tom Teper

    Key Card Policy - The key policy is an update to the existing policy.  Most of the changes were requested by Jeff to get more control over the keys.  Any additional issues were addressed during the meeting.  The Office of Library Facilities will be doing a key assessment and then providing key boxes for those units who need them.  AC then approved the key policy.

    ID Card Policy:& The ID Card was approved with an agreement to further discuss the access to stacks.  Photos will be posted on ID Cards.  The ID Card Center said they will retake as many photos as necessary. There would be a cutoff date set.

  2. Installing Microsoft Office on all Public Machines – Beth Sandore, Karen Hogenboom, Mary Laskowksi, John Wieble; 

    The CPS pilot project and discussions with the divisions were outlined.  None of the concerns they had before implementation came to light.  It was agreed that it would be implemented, but libraries would have the option to opt out.  The method of opt in/opt out will be recommended by the Library Systems Office in consultation with units.

  3. Library Clean Up Day – Paula Kaufman

    Various different options were discussed.  Bill Maher asked that we remind libraries of archive transfer guidelines.  IT will be working with Archives to create a set of guidelines to follow for electronic documents.  The decision was made to close Friday morning, August 12.  The Social Events Committee will be organizing a modest event following the clean-up.

  4. Strategic Planning Process – Paula Kaufman

    Not enough time to discuss. This is moved to the next meeting.

  5. Updates and Announcements

    Karen Schmidt asked that anyone who is accepting gift books needs to keep her informed.

    Betsy Kruger announced that Circulation will begin shift the collections in Stacks this fall.  She will be posting information and a regular basis informing everyone as to what sections will be shifted.  In January a sprinkler system will also be installed in stacks.

    Paula Kaufman noted that there are numerous facilities projects going on this summer and Facilities’ plate is full.  Please do not expect projects not already approved to be added this summer.

    Beth Sandore said that CITES has received money from the campus to upgrade networking.  The Main Library building has been selected as one of the recipients.  The network closets will be installed in the Slavic Library, Cataloging, Map and Geography Library.  The network upgrade is scheduled to take place in early 2006 for the Main Library.  Once this is complete we will have wireless in every public access area.