Library Committee Handbook

Administrative Council

Administrative Council Committee Meeting

July 19, 2004
428 Library


Present:  Bob Burger, Acting Chair, Tina Chrzastowski, Susan Edwards (for Rod Allen), Barbara Ford, Lisa German, Peggy Glatthaar, Lisa Hinchliffe, Cindy Ingold (for Karen Wei), Lyn Jones, Cindy Kelly, Betsy Kruger, Bill Maher, Beth Sandore, Becky Smith (for Sue Searing), Bruce Swann (for Tom Kilton), Paula Watson, Joyce Wright

  1.   Meetings of AC and EC with Candidates - Kelly

    The discussion was based on recent interviews with candidates where only one or two representatives showed up. Some of the reasons are that the candidates are not always of interest to the members and the members don’t always get the interview information far enough in advance to make arrangements to attend.

    It was determined that every member has a responsibility to attend the interview sessions. The search committee chair will be responsible for giving as much notice as possible. HR will be responsible for getting the schedules out as soon as possible.

  2. Oak Street Update - Kruger

    Everything is on schedule. We will take possession of the building in September. We will start moving Hort the first week of October. Betsy Kruger still needs volunteers for the first full week of October who are able to donate 20 or 37 ½ hours per week for each volunteer.

    In January and February we will start accessioning from libraries to Oak St. and to Stacks. Betsy would like reports from division as to what they are able to contribute by September 15.

  3. Renewal Limits - Kruger

    In October 2002, the Administrative Council, on ISCC’s recommendation, voted to remove all system applied renewal limits from both monographs and serials, and to adopt an alternative approach to following up on materials that were out to an individual patron from more than 3 years if monographs, or more than one year, if bound periodicals. This alternative method involved running periodic Voyager reports on items that had been checked out for longer than the maximum periods allowed for monographs and serials, and having Phone Center staff follow up with patrons to secure the return of materials.

    This alternative method of follow-up proved unwieldy due to Voyager reporting problems and staffing shortages in the Phone Center.

    The new Voyager upgrade will allow greater flexibility in limiting what types of overrides can be done. When the upgrade goes into affect in August renewal limits will be reinstated.

  4. Downloading Music Illegally - Sandore

    This discussion was more about use of the campus network. There are some employees and/or their family members who connect from home who are not using the network privileges responsibly. 

    The Library IT web page will be linking to policies on the use of networked resources on campus. Awareness sessions throughout the year on the acceptable and responsible use of networked resources could be offered for interested students and staff.

  5. Announcements and Updates

           Bob Burger – The student wage budget for FY05 will be coming out.

          Lisa German – Acquisition will do the roll over for the fiscal year on July 21. If all goes well they will be open for business on July 23.

    Barbara Ford – In September and October the Mortenson Center will host 15 librarians from various countries including Columbia, Viet Nam, and Japan. There will be opportunities to be mentors and friends to these individuals. The Mortenson Center will be in contact.