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Administrative Council

Administrative Council Minutes

April 5, 2004
428 Library

Present: Paula Kaufman, Chair, Rod Allen, Bob Burger, Tina Chrzastowski, Barbara Ford, Lisa German, Peggy Glatthaar, Betsy Kruger, Tom Kilton, Bill Maher, Diane Schmidt, Karen Schmidt, Sue Searing, Karen Wei, John Weible

  1. FY05 plan - Kaufman

    Paula has had several comments about the plan. One thing that has struck her from the comments she’s received so far is that there doesn’t seem to be acceptance of the fact that the finances of this University are not getting better. The attitude towards higher education is not positive; at least not in terms of where they sit in the priority list for funding.

    Doug Vinzant from UIUC Planning and Budgeting will be 210 Illini Union on April 23 from 8:30-9:30 to talk to us about the budget. He has already said things won’t get much better for at least five years. The perception in Springfield seems to be that faculty don’t work very hard and the administration is bloated.

    GA benefits are going up which will cost us $21,000 the first year.

    Minimum wage is going up January 2005 which will cost us in excess of $85,000.

    We also have debt repayment and other things, such as the LOAs salary is compressed and overlapping with the LTAs.

    The faculty are compressed within $10,000.

    The Implementation Team has put together details of the plan. They will hold a series of discussions based on concerns expressed by the divisions at the next Faculty meeting and separate meetings with untenured faculty and staff. They will be looking at savings in the immediate future and over time.

    Tuition increase looks substantial but incoming freshmen will pay the same tuition through their senior year.

  2. Announcements

    Tina Chrzastowski announced that the graduate student survey is completed. The results will be posted in the next couple of weeks. The data will be put in a file on the G://drive. Undergrads will be surveyed in spring ’05.