Library Committee Handbook

Administrative Council

Administrative Council Agenda 07-16-2012

Administrative Council Meeting June 18, 2012
1:30-3:00 in 428 Library


1. E911 access (Paula, Jeff Schrader; 20 minutes)

Email from Jeff Schrader on May 10, 2012: "The University Library will no longer maintain Centrex telephone lines for 9-911 after the Lync conversion is complete in June 2012. As per the information posted on CITES website faculty, staff and patrons can utilize the Lync based telephones that are being installed throughout Library facilities for e911 calls."


2. Issues arising from access to (Beth Woodard; 20 minutes)

See more information about at

3.  Retreat Follow-Up and Next Year's Retreat (Beth Woodard; 20 minutes)

4.  "Reinvigorating Administrative Council."  An open discussion to help determine the direction and future of this group.  Be ready to talk about your vision for AC.  (All; 20 minutes)

5.  New AC Agenda Committee person or persons (due to retirement of incumbent).