Library Committee Handbook

Administrative Council

AC Meeting. February 16
Time: 1:30-3:00
Location: 428 Library

1.) IM Collaborator Software (David and Kathleen Kern, 15 minutes)

2.) AULs plan how to go about answering the Provost's letter. Details of the planning process. Input from AC and unit heads? (Tina, Paula and Scott, 15 minutes).
3.) Unit Annual Report TF (Scott, 15 minutes)
4.) Unit Head/AUL Evaluation Document (Scott, 15 minutes)
5.) Library Energy Conservation Working Group Report (Tom, 15 minutes)
6.) Recommendation for Incoming Library Materials (Tom and Cindy, 5 minutes)
7.) Summer GA funding (Sue and Scott, 10 minutes)

8.)Staff and public workstations, and staff printers: examining allocations (5 min.)